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Top 20 Best Poison Ivy Cosplay 2018 - The Charm of Death

Top 20 Best Poison Ivy Cosplay 2018 – The Charm of Death

Poison Ivy, whose real name is Dr. Pamela Isley, is a fictional villain in the comic book series by DC Comics. This character was created by Robert Kanigher and Sheldon Moldoff, first appearing in Batman # 181 in June 1966. Poison Ivy is the name of a poisonous plant. She is often known as one of Batman’s main enemies.

Poison Ivy is obsessed with plants and the environment and has a special connection with them. She has the ability to use plant-based toxins, can control plants at will, and is immune to most toxins, bacteria, and viruses.

In addition, Poison Ivy can produce a type of pheromone that controls the minds of others. One of the first things she did in Gotham was to drop the plant elements that suffocate out of the air, asking the city government to do her part. Batman appears and intercepts Poison Ivy and is later incarcerated in the Arkham Madhouse.

Since then she has been obsessed with Batman because he is the only one she can not control. In particular, Poison Ivy has a deadly poison on her lips that can kill anyone with just one kiss. Poison Ivy also had feelings for a short time with Batman, when he first met Bruce Wayne, her kiss almost killed him.

Feeling extremely painful, she kissed him a second time and accidentally saved Batman. From there she discovers that her kiss can kill people and the second kiss is the antidote to the poisonous substance on her lips.

Poison Ivy is also known as Harley Quinn’s best friend. Harley Quinn often calls Poison Ivy “Red” because of her red hair. Poison Ivy injected Harley Quinn with a special drug that made her immune to almost all of the poison and became stronger.

Poison Ivy, along with Harley Quinn and Catwoman, formed a group of three criminals known as “Gotham City Sirens”, in addition to being members of many criminal organizations such as “Injustice League”, “Injustice Gang” “Secret Society of Super-Villains” and “Suicide Squad”.

Here Top Best Poison Ivy Cosplay 2018

Top 20 Best Poison Ivy Cosplay 2018 - The Charm of Death

Poison Ivy cosplay wig – Cosplay by elenasamko

Cosplay by feelyah

Poison Ivy casual cosplay – Cosplay by ksanastankevich

Poison Ivy cosplay costume – Cosplay by meryl-sama

Cosplay by giorgiacosplay

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy cosplay – Cosplay by elenasamko

Top 20 Best Poison Ivy Cosplay 2018 - The Charm of Death

Poison ivy cosplay plus size – Cosplay by thepuddins

Cosplay by mariannainsomnia

Top 20 Best Poison Ivy Cosplay 2018 - The Charm of Death

Cosplay by ashitaro

Cosplay by kawaielli

Cosplay by megmurrderher

Cosplay by kawaielli

Cosplay by mostflogged

Robin and Poison Ivy cosplay – Cosplay by neko-tin

Poison Ivy Cosplay Tutorial

Poison Ivy Cosplay Makeup Ideas

How to make a Poison Ivy cosplay


I love beauty and like children. I stepped into the cosplay world from old memories and especially liked Chun Li in Street Fighter game.

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