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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review – Text enhancements, better battery

Smartphone with large screen Samsung’s sharp screen , long battery life and ease of use with S Pen stylus .

Most are assumed phablet good movie roles , web browsing … With the advantage of the big screen . However, to exploit the advantages of the Samsung screen sizes differently with S Pen stylus , extended features like notes , quick access to applications … support users in their work and leisure .


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review - Text enhancements, better battery

The first impression is the Galaxy Note 3 square machine designs than the previous generation . The edges with faux metal and flattened , decorated with sugar veins look better . Galaxy Note 3 captivating look more masculine and more Galaxy Note II , but also some people will still prefer Note the second generation by machine rounded shape , edge board feels comfortable when using large smartphone . These comments suggest that aesthetic factors are difficult to weigh things and depend eyes of every person .

At the back , the Galaxy Note 3 is equipped with removable plastic shell but not that smooth textures like leather still looks quite classy and weird . Back cover surrounding border line just sewing . Samsung had always reserved the notion that monolithic aluminum shell design beautiful but inconvenient, while plastic shell offers convenience as easy to take apart and replace . The new details on the back cover of Note 3 shows the company trying to change the perception of the user related the plastic , not  casing intend to switch to a different material for the product .

Equipped with a 5.7 ​​inch screen , Galaxy Note 3 looks pretty big compared to the conventional smartphone but still only equivalent size Galaxy Note II due to screen edges thinner and thinner and lighter machine ( 8.3 mm and 168 gram ) . However, due to slim design and a larger camera lens that part and LED flash to slightly convex . The position of the buttons do not change , while the loudspeaker is moved to the bottom edge . This overcomes the drawbacks Note II speakers are placed at the back , making no sound towards the listening ear when they look directly at the screen to see video or phone face down to the player .


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review - Text enhancements, better battery

Galaxy Note 3 uses 5.7 -inch Super AMOLED screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 Full HD pixel density of 386 pixels per inch , bright look more ” predecessor ” . Samsung is not clear about sequencing technologies pixels on screen Note 3 , but with equivalent quality display Galaxy S4 , many people believe that machines also use the Diamond Pixel  structure same S4 .

Typically , the standard RGB screen , each pixel color display 3 red , green and blue ( Red , Green , Blue ) . Meanwhile , Samsung or use PenTile structures , such as the Galaxy S III , in which a pixel displays only two colors are green and red , or green and blue . However, the advent Galaxy S4 , Samsung introduces a new structure is Diamond Pixels with all three colors but the biggest blue , green and red smallest average , helped the image quality is significantly improved .

Galaxy Note Screen 3 is in fact , brilliant , sharp as expected . Wide viewing angle screen , the brightness does not diminish even when tilting the camera with different angles and users can still read the content on your computer when using the phone outside in bright sunlight . An obvious advantage of the large screen phone is a pleasant feeling when watching video , playing games , reading material , perform multitasking and Galaxy Note 3 shows this well .


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review - Text enhancements, better battery

3 Galaxy Note runs Android 4.3 platform with the familiar interface of Samsung Touch Wiz , so many users do not find it difficult to experience the machine . Meanwhile , the features of Note 3 revolves around the pen . Pen S Pen has been refreshed with a minimal design with pen smaller , more precise identification and definition good friction on display , down slippery feeling like the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2 .

When users pulled a pen from the factory, Air Command menu will automatically appear , or they boot menu by pen close to the screen and press the only button on the pen . Air Command is a year round format with shortcuts spread fan . Among them , the Action Memo allows users to post information and trigger an action , such as writing the phone number to call or save to contacts , or look up an address on Google Maps. Scrap Booker zoning allows any information on the screen, even when watching videos on YouTube, to save in Scrapbook. Write Screen support notes , comments , message … right on the screen . And S ‘s Finder search engine , support lookup information from the chat section, to document drawings … in the machine . Finally Window Pen features and this is the most interesting feature : allows users to quickly access the applications in 8 just by drawing a square / rectangle on the screen . For example , when reading a document and need to calculate , the user can simply turn Pen Window to open the Calculator application and instantly calculate , reduce discomfort when to close the application to switch to other applications such as before .

Multi Window features innovation also compared to the Galaxy Note 2 . Besides supporting the opening of two parallel applications simultaneously on a single screen ( as just browsing Facebook recently opened … , Galaxy Note 3 adds Drag and Drop tool for users to easily drag and drop content as text , pictures … from the window to the other window .

Samsung also increase security for the Note 3 KNOX , features and allow users to run applications and store critical data or sensitive in a particular environment called ” container ” – the kind of place to avoid as well as prevent malware bad guys access to information when the machine is lost . Find My Mobile program also lets users disable the phone when needed ( such as computer theft ) and monitor , delete data on the remote device .


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review - Text enhancements, better battery

Galaxy Note 3 was born at the right time firms are scrambling to improve imaging capabilities like Nokia Lumia 1020 with 41 sensor ” dots ” or Sony Xperia Z1 with 20.7 megapixel sensor that Samsung’s products are also brought out compare . But as mentioned in the previous section , the center of the Galaxy Note 3 revolves around S Pen and pencil camera is not part of most concern .

Like the display, quality camera on the Galaxy Note 3 S4 is equivalent to 13 megapixel camera but adds the ability to image stabilization (replacing the previous mode Night Mode ). Machine fast and accurate focus. Photographs have bright colors, clear whether the level of detail when zooming Lumia not comparable with 1020 or Xperia Z1 . But the popular demand of the user is captured and shared is totally Note 3 meet . In low light conditions , the image quality of the normal level .

Product supply is equipped with a full range of shooting modes as rich as the Galaxy S4 photographed by the camera before and after ( Dual Camera ) , taking multiple images and select the best plate ( Best Photo ) , together with sound photography …

Performance and battery life

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review - Text enhancements, better battery

Version 3 is evaluated Galaxy Note in the article using the  Exynos Octa ‘s chip eight -cores include four core speed 1.9 GHz and four core 1.3 GHz speed . This Smartphone also impressed with 3 GB RAM , 32 GB or 64 GB memory card slot comes apart . Configure strongly associated with large screen helps smooth operating machine , smooth and responsive .

An upgrade is highly regarded Galaxy Note 3 is the first smartphone to use the Micro USB port 3.0, supports high-speed file sharing than the standard Micro USB 2.0 and lets users charge the phone through a laptop Quick plug directly equivalent to the electrical outlet . Micro USB 3.0 port is compatible with USB 2.0 Micro so users can use the old cable when needed .

The evaluation of Note 3 are very high , as the assessment tool AnTuTu Benchmark performance overall , scoring 34.112 products , while other phablet is also attracting attention today is the Sony Xperia Z Ultra ( 6.44 inches ) to reach 29.185 points. HTC One and Galaxy S4 are respectively 26.275 and 22.678 points.

In terms of graphics performance , Galaxy Note 3 scored 60.4 frames per second under evaluation tool Nenamark 2 , slightly higher than the other smartphones like Galaxy S4 cult of 59.6 frames per second Sony Xperia Z also is 59.8 frames / sec .

Battery is always one of the advantages of the Galaxy Note II due advantage of the large size . Samsung continues to maintain this while increasing the battery capacity of 3,100 mAh to 3,200 mAh . Galaxy Note 3 can operate at a 2-day average use and can maintain power for about 1 day if regular access to the web , social networking , music, video ..

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