Review HTC Sensation XL- power smartphone for entertainment

HTC’s new phone attractive by 4.7 inch wide screen and beautiful design, high-quality audio spec just stop at the single-core processors.
 Sensation XL is Android smartphone the largest display ever of HTC with S-LCD screen size 4.7 inch, 480 x 800 pixels. Model also impressed with the beautiful design, only 9.9 mm thin crust combined with a combination of plastic and metal to hold the camera feel sure, quite comfortable in the hand.
Regarding configuration, Qualcomm MSM8255 chip only model, Scorpion 1.5 GHz processor single core, Adreno 205 graphics with 768MB of RAM. Android is version 2.3.5 and associated interface HTC Sense 3.5. HTC Sensation XL with 8 Megapixel camera 28mm wide angle lens, f/2.2, this is also the model is introduced for better light sensitivity, the device allows 720p HD video. No memory card slot instead of internal memory is 16GB.
Review HTC Sensation XL- power smartphone for entertainment
Similarly predecessor Sensation XE, XL is the second Android phone HTC favor equipped Beats Audio sound technology comes with In-ear headphones iBeats advanced, expensive.

Part 1: Design and monitors.
With the size 4.7 inches, Sensation XL is the largest Android screen of HTC so far. Increase 0.4 inches compared with Desire HD and Sensation but XL but not too large compared to their predecessors. Model with white cardboard to create a sense of mainstream compact, slim body 9.9 mm-sized helping hand can hold the camera quite sure, as well as possible jeans pocket without discomfort. Actual size is 132.5 x 70.7 mm product but more than 162 gram weight makes the machine is quite heavy-handed.

Overall, the Sensation XL style design remains somewhat plump, soft as HTC recently been applied on the Sensation, Desire S or Incredible S. However, the front flattened completely but does not feel like bending slightly concave junior Senxation and Sensation XE. Combined with the adjacent row of keys below the touch screen, Sensation XL is a beautiful and attractive products.

The back of the XL back and imagine that many people Flyer, 7 inch tablet from HTC, when a combination of white plastic and silver metal is resistant to stains. Beneath the tail of the back cover using plastic material effect on the ability to collect and broadcast for wireless phones, using real gas, the handheld in the section may influence more or less to ability to broadcast Wi-Fi XL.
Review HTC Sensation XL- power smartphone for entertainment
Camera 8 MP with border around are doing quite well on the surface as in Desire HD is what makes users worry as easy to scratch if the machine is located on the hard surface. HTC has always shown the sophistication of the product when the Sensation has its Android buttons, simple port, located around the edges neat device but very easy to manipulate. Headphone jack is top of the camera and screen lock button, the right side are two volume keys up from metal. MicroUSB jack is located right next to the tail and the left side. While the XL side is just closing off the back open.
Shortcomings in the 4.7 inch model from HTC is not integrated HDMI port, plus microSD memory card slot is also not equipped instead with only 16GB of internal memory.
The screen is commendable points and also the best attractions in Sensation XL users. With 4.7 inch size, every experience on the touch screen machines are prompting the user feel more interesting, from surfing the web, browse playlists, photos to playing games or watching videos online. ..
With a resolution of just 480 x 800 pixels at lower than standard 4.3-inch model qHD at Sensation, but XL screen is very nice display with brilliant colors. Without stretching the mind and eyes to look at the screen, users will be difficult to identify some more broken by the wide screen. Compared with the actual model of the Motorola Razr Droid, the S-LCD screen display Sensation XL much better the super AMOLED competition, despite the lower resolution.
Along with the Xperia Arc and Arc S, Sensation XL is one of the smartphone screen displays the current best movies when the high contrast, the ability to perform very well in black. Wide screen 4.7 inchusers can easily read the subtitles when watching movies on mobile phones.
Besides, Sensation XL is not without drawbacks. Big screen proved to be one of the components of the machine to spend most batteries by using LCD technology, and this technology also makes visibility in the sun pretty much reduced compared to the light environment weak as in the morning.
Review HTC Sensation XL- power smartphone for entertainment
Widescreen increase enjoyment but also use makes the user feel more awkward to use if with one hand. To be able to slide hands on the Notification bar on the same holding force to push it down a bit before I could reach it. In return sense to use two hands when a user can have input with the virtual keyboard with both hands fairly quickly and accurately. One thing to note is the wide screen but the touch screen test of XL, only receive a maximum of 5 points touching at the same time.
Part 2: Performance and battery life
With the largest screen up to 4.7 inches but Sensation XL is not the favored model is equipped with HTC for the most powerful configuration of HTC. Instead of using a dual-core configuration as XE Sensation, Sensation or Evo 3D model 4.7 inch screen is only HTC equipped processor Qualcomm MSM8255 single-core 1.5 GHz processor speed comes Adreno 205 graphics and the 768MB RAM. However, this equipment will not cause users to have to grieve in most demand from work, entertainment or even high-end 3D gaming.
Review HTC Sensation XL- power smartphone for entertainment
HTC Sense UI interface with multiple effects on the Sensation XL graphics works pretty well. Do not use any program that frees the memory for the operating system for the resolution and in three days of actual use, the test model did not encounter any crashes or interface phenomena have to stop suddenly. However, Sense UI occupies nearly all the machine’s RAM when just over 150MB free space, which makes the multitasking capabilities of the XL minimized to enable continuous heavy programs.
Qualcomm processor speed of 1.5 GHz with Adreno graphics but not top processor, but enough so that users can take advantage of most of the Android software is. The high-end 3D graphics game like Samurai Veregence II, Dungeon Defender…, Sensation XL may well bear with frame quality is quite stable, did not encounter the phenomenon of shock or the frame.
Hardware configuration as the 4.7 inch model also enables the HTC can perform well the 720p HD format content. MP4 downloaded from YouTube, or the resolution of HD movie formats. MKV comes 2 channel stereo sound. With Full HD movie quality, XL will be required to offer none, however this is not too important when 4.7 inch screen with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixel video quality machine just up to 720p.
Sensation XL proved to be a screening device ideal HD portable and good quality but do not forget to equip HTC machine microHDMI port is a very unfortunate omission. While connectivity and DLNA wireless communication is still unfamiliar to many people and not form any well equipped HDTV.
Using single-core configuration gives performance XL relatively quiet. Play for 10 minutes, surf the web with 3G and Wi-Fi but the machine is not experiencing overheating like Arc S. The back of the warmer than normal during the hottest part lies in front and near the touch-key sequence. But the temperature did not cause the discomfort is too great for the user.
Review HTC Sensation XL- power smartphone for entertainment
With a capacity of 1600 mAh with 4.7 inch widescreen S-LCD technology, battery life using the Sensation XL is not appreciated. With the demand for use in moderate mode GSM/3G network, listen to call about 10 minutes, SMS, sync mail with frequency 15 minutes, using Facebook as well as listening to music, play games on the network too much, XL could “survive” in a day.
The screen is one of the best components consume more battery. When tried to run HD video continuously at 50% brightness, turn on the speakerphone is average, the Sensation pin XL allows only machines running continuously over 5 hours. Time to surf the web via Wi-Fi is equal to it. But when used to talk on the 3G network, the HTC smartphone to 4.7 can operate continuously for up to 9.5 hours per charge.
Part 3: Play music and camera features.
In addition to the display, playback is also outstanding advantages of the model Sensation XL is integrated Beats Audio sound technology comes with high-end headphones iBeats (outside retail price $ 150). The combination of XL gives users a sample of good quality headphones than the included headset but regular phone. iBeats compact design In-ear type with good processing quality metal with plastic. With the white color of the phone to the ear iBeats silver also comes with bright red cable included.
Review HTC Sensation XL- power smartphone for entertainment
Like his brother Sensation XE, just plug in your headphones, Beats sound mode is automatically activated. Another noticeable point is XL and comes with Beats headphones sound very much alive thanks to the strong showing and powerful bass. The advantage of this is suitable for those who like listening to music R & B, rap or dance with quick rhythm and very intense.
But with the light music, lyrical as Jazz, Acoustic or Vocal, Beats Audio on XL will make the listener not satisfied by the level of detail is not high when the sound was too bass overwhelms the negative strip center and higher. Users can disable the Beats on the machines if they do not like though, they do not have any other mode Equalizer just like the previous models of HTC Android.
Besides the large screen, nice design and ability to perform music, feature film and take pictures with the camera’s 8 Megapixel Sensation XL is also a strong appeal to many users. Besides technical equipment with f2.2 aperture, 28 mm wide angle lens, Taiwanese manufacturers for XL also integrates with camera features many gadgets attached, much more than the smartphone Android by rivals including  Xperia Arc S from Sony Ericsson.
The user may set the parameters of brightness, ISO, white balance capability, auto focus digital camera as a professional. Sensation XL photos from good quality, achieve more in the light condition is not strong, natural colors on the warm tones. The interesting effect allows to create unique and impressive photos. The Panorama shooting function effectively when they are able quickly capture and image compositing and accurately.
Not equipped with dual-core configuration should be able to record video on 4.7 inch smartphone from HTC just stop at 720p HD resolution 1280 x 720 pixels. But in return obtained the video quality to satisfy users. In the film, Taiwanese manufacturers are also integrating a lot of tweaking features to expand, create more effects. Capture the definition of a good camera, even while shooting touch users can also zoom to focus or subject. Another interesting point is that HTC Sensation XL can record video with slow motion techniques 2X slow.

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