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Review Samsung Wave 575 -Popular Smartphone for Users

Not a phone high configuration  but Samsung Wave 575 is a smartphone good balance between quality and price.
Review Samsung Wave 575 -popular smartphone for users
DesignSamsung 575 Wave size 109.5 × 55 × 11.9 mm and weighs about 100 grams. Four rounded corners and beveled edges slightly later, dark matter, “Korea” as many other models Samsung or LG.The front is quite simple. A large TFT touch screen (3.2 inches wide, 240 x 400 pixels, 256 thousand colors) and a hardware key below: 4-way navigation key and two keys for the call. Spare keys, including a camera button, lock button and volume control keys on either side.

The back simply together only with 3.2 MP Camera Samsung line. Underneath the battery cover and SIM card slot received, the user can draw hot without shutting off power.

Samsung Wave 575 has many color choices for consumers in different styles, including white, black, pink felt. The machine in this article are white – the color is assessment is the most beautiful color, suitable for both two parties.

Review Samsung Wave 575 -popular smartphone for users


Samsung’s main operations are carried out on the Wave 575 touch screen. Actual use shows that capacitive touchscreen of the Samsung Wave 575 is not really smooth. Need to use force to carry out certain tasks.

Although the quality of the screen display is not outstanding, but to refresh the homescreen, nice widgets and user interface has now become more friendly on Wave 575.

Samsung Wave 575  target segment medium-range, the average configuration, meets the connectivity and features you need.

The parameters of the hardware details are not announced, but the performance is quite fast and stable. CPU 300 MHz operating range, load a web page over 3G took about 15 seconds (1 minute and for EDGE wave ).


Review Samsung Wave 575 -popular smartphone for users

Samsung owns Wave 575 3.2 MP camera, no flash and Auto Focus mode. Additional options such as digital zoom, Single, Panorama and Smile Shutter. Image quality for just average.

Samsung Wave 575 has its own music player software with 3D sound technology effects with pretty convincing sound, enough to entertain in short moments.

It uses a standard 3.5mm audio jack so users can upgrade the sound quality through headphones, or share them with friends via speakerphone.

The machine features integrated FM radio, voice recorder, and FM RDS – relatively little used. Samsung Wave 575 games compatible with the Java platform.


According to criteria that make Samsung, Wave 575 is the smartphone handsets almost fully converged all the features. At Wave 575, the advanced wireless connectivity such as 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v3.0 are built. These connections effectively supporting features in the software.


Review Samsung Wave 575 -popular smartphone for users

Like many other brothers Wave Series, Wave 575 Samsung Bada running OS, version 1.2 adds several new features.

Samsung Wave 575 has some advantages as the dominant feature of social, see some of the main text formats directly …

Social features social hub is the main emphasis on the open platform Samsung Bada. By integrating all have email accounts, social networking, chat messages on the inside, Social Hub so you can “push” information from email, chat, popular social networks. Manipulating the initial installation and familiar easy, even if you never used a smartphone before.

In addition, this application can be updated instantly of new email messages account for more than 10 companies and individuals such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail … and automatically receive updates on the status of new social networks like Facebook or Twitter, online and live chat with multiple people at once via Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk …

Samsung Wave 575 installed Picsel Smart Office program allows viewing reading and editing text files formatted Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint. This is quite necessary to use and needs to work on handsets.

1200 mAh Li-Ion battery ensures operation comes in about 2-3 days.


A machine of fashion and feature-rich. If you are public servants, students … not too picky about the functionality available on the phone, Samsung Wave 575 is a smartphone enough to use.


* Design of fashion, young
* More features


* Screen and camera quality is only average


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