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Saber Cosplay Tutorial: 15 Easy Steps to Become The Most Beautiful Character in The Fate Series

Few people can become the most outstanding individual in a number of fields, but that is clearly what Saber has done with her life. For those who take a look at ratings, they will find that she has excellent marks in every single category. That makes sense since she’s charged with protecting Emiya Kiritsugu.

Nevertheless, cosplayers who want to try their hand at the Servant Warrior won’t be content with merely their strength. Saber is known for her instinct, charisma and cunning.

She has trained for countless hours and those who want to be like her will need to be just as diligent. Here some new Saber Cosplay Tutorial for you:

Cute Saber Cosplay

15 Easy Steps to Become The Most Beautiful Character in The Fate Series

1) Saber’s costume could be a bit difficult for first-time cosplayers to make, so it’s probably good to note that some incredible commercial versions are available to those willing to order a tailored costume.

2) Her outfit consists of a sort of blue gown that is worn with stylized white fabric underneath. Saber’s long coat ends in fringe that would need to be carefully cut and then embroidered with golden thread.

3) If you have blonde hair, you can try combing some bangs in the front before combing the rest of your hair over the back of your head.

Otherwise, there are some very nice wigs on the market that match her appearance almost precisely. This can be very comforting for those who might otherwise have lacked the right look.

4) Her armor plating might pose a problem, but it really is a significant aspect of her uniform. The plates down the side could be made from a rigid material and then painted before being sewn together with pieces of ribbon.

In a manner of speaking, that is actually how plate armor was held together historically.

5) Her gauntlets could pose a similar problem, though some people have used the same method that was proposed for the armor plates on her side.

Small plates could actually be attached to regular black gloves and then worn as though they were gauntlets.

6) Such costumes can actually be rather challenging to move around in, so you might actually want to practice walking in it before going to the convention.

This is something that could be suggested with any elaborate costume since many designs can make movement awkward unless you’ve actually had some real practice with them.

7) Her sword might pose an additional problem. Some conventions don’t allow weapons and others might restrict them to a single room.

If you have the right to make one, you’ll probably be restricted to a material like foam or wood. Few conventions actually tolerate genuine metal.

8) There is nothing saying that you couldn’t emulate the gem-encrusted hilt with semi-precious stones. These can often be acquired at a regular area art supply place if you are lucky enough to live near one.

9) Gray boots aren’t necessarily easy to come by, but they can really help to pull a costume like this together. Hers is actually quite stylized, though, and don’t really look all that plain.

10) A few cosplayers have made their own Pendragon warrior boots by sewing bits of fabric together. This can look really amazing, but be careful since these have a tendency to wear thin when walking on convention floors.

11) Since Saber is notably the daughter of the British King Uther Pendragon, you may want to have a look at the Arthurian Legend. While it isn’t exactly light reading, it was more or less the source material that Nasu Kinoko used to create her.

12) When you speak as Saber, you should always do with a great resolute sensibility. She isn’t the type that talks because she is bored. She only speaks when she has something to say, and when she talks you can trust that she’s always telling the truth.

13) Practicing your voice might really help if you wanted to pull off a realistic cosplay. Consider the fact that Michelle Ruff once provided the voice for Saber and has done a number of various other voices that you could listen to in order to inspire yourself.

14) As well as Saber, Ruff played Kuchiki Rukia in Bleach and Yoko Littner in Gurren Lagann. By checking out these other series you might get a better sense of what Saber actually sounds like.

15) Stay connected with all the various versions of the Fate/stay night anime character goods in order to figure out what the Saber character is really like.


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