Samsung Champ C3303 is price  about 150 USD, beautiful design, compact but less strategic connectivity such as 3G or Wi-Fi.

Samsung Champ C3303- super cheap for all people

Champ was sold on the market last month and is considered a cheap touch phone of a brand name on the market. With functions similar products from LG, Nokia, Sony Ericsson… .With low prices, should also save a lot of Champ features and collapse in a tiny design. Machines can not connect to 3G or Wi-Fi, touch screen technology uses only the old resistor.

With size 96.3 x 53.8 x 13 mm, weighs only 80 grams, Champ lie tidy in palm. Compared with other sensor is a form Xperia X10 Mini, marginally better machine length and width, but thinner and lighter devices running Android.

The whole body is made of shiny plastic . The front is a 2.4 inch screen, approximation the Nokia E63 screen, the vertical display resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, 16 million colors. Samsung TFT technology using simple resistive touch, use the stylus to control.

Below the screen of this cheap phone is three-button, two  call button keys and Back button located between. Stop the call button doubles as the power button. These buttons are designed flat, but slightly higher than the screen, relatively easy to use.

Button next to computer calls only, while the right side is increasing or decreasing the volume keys, microUSB port is at the top next to the 3.5 mm headphone jack. 1.3-megapixel camera is slightly lower border around a bright metal behind.

Visible, neat and compact Champ, machines should not “creaking” as many cheap sensors from China.

Samsung Champ C3303- super cheap for all people

About Interface, Champ up to 4 Home screen, allowing to pull on each screen the user can drag icons (per screen 4 large icons), calendar, favorite book out. Design features like these can sometimes Android mobile or smart phones use TouchWiz interface from Samsung  .

Next to the third screen is a combination of keyboard, and Menu Directory. Main menu consists of three pages, each page contains up to 9 icons. Despite her screen, but the icons are designed quite large, so the pen or finger are not difficult to use. Although no high-resolution smartphone, but in a little area, the pixels of the Champ is just enough to use.

The focus of this cell phone is a touch cheap, basic support for entertainment, not Champ strong connection, computer to surf the Web via EDGE only. Users can go to browse or buy more games and Java applications from Nokia Apps are integrated on the menu.

Other notable features on the Champ is listening to music, watch movies, play Java games including racing games pre-installed. However, users will have to play games with your hands or pen control, the machine does not support the tilt sensor, shake when play.

Handsfree device of moderate, quite detailed sound. Machine with 3.5 mm jack, which allows use with headphone quality. This model also supports FM radio, microSD card slot.

1.3-megapixel camera on this device for basic image, the device supports editing and creating intriguing effects.

Located in price range 150 USD, Champ is bought by many people by the low price, fashion touchscreen. At this price, users can choose to buy more devices support Wi-Fi or a QWERTY keyboard, though under two million, if you want a touchscreen device, and only a few devices Champ two SIM at lower prices from rivals such as Mobell, Q-mobile

You can find this mobile in Amazon: Samsung GTC3300KEUBK Champ Star Mini Unlocked GSM Phone with Camera, Touch Screen, Bluetooth, and Micro SD Memory Card Slot–International Version with No US Warranty (Black)


  1. This is a very detailed post, highly informative. I own a Samsung Champ myself, and I got a few things to say about it. If you want to read some first-hand experience, check out my blog. Thanks!

  2. hello..just want to ask a’s regarding this samsung champ with no there a way i could have a wifi? is it possible to install a wifi software in it? thank you..^^