Samsung EX1/TL500 – small camera for professional people

Samsung EX1 is equipped with the most advanced technology today to compete with Canon and Panasonic cameras on the market segment of high-level tourism.

Samsung EX1/TL500 - small camera for professional people

 Samsung which is not a big name among the camera manufacturers for the mass market as well as the high ranking level. When the number of dots on the race or integrated features are becoming saturated, companies have discovered to their own direction with the idea as one of a kind integrated auxiliary display on compact line ST, PL or less strategic flip mirror to produce “hybrid SLR” NX10 … Version luxury travel camera EX1 (or TL500 in the U.S. market) continue to show creativity equipped with Samsung’s unique “wide angle lens like 24mm f/1.8 aperture, rotating flip screen AMOLED , two disk mode and select a series of other advanced features.

Samsung EX1 is slightly larger than the size of a little over two opponents with the same class as the Canon S90 and the Panasonic LX3. Body weight of about 360 grams (battery not included) should be considerably difficult if you want to insert it into the pants pocket when go travel. The entire surface area of the EX1 grip is coated with a soft rubber ball is still slowing. When holding machine definitely feeling very slippery and not easy as S90 or LX3.

The front of the machine have an extra gear to help change the exposure in manual mode and shutter priority as the real DSLR. In addition, users can click on this gear to activate exposure compensation. This is a very innovative feature on the EX1, to help speed up operation and reduce errors by pressing the wrong button in quick shooting situations. On the grip, Samsung also more thoroughly integrated infrared sensor compatible with some of its remote control.

The top of the EX1 is to select two disks rotate, which, helped drive out the switching between the shooting modes and basic disk, the inner side assumed the role as the boot source, timer, single shot / continuous shooting and BKT (bracketing) used for HDR. Flashes sinking mechanism works much like the Canon S90 but instead controls the menu on the screen as competitors, users can turn off lights with mechanical buttons quite easily and quickly. Experimental fact that, due to the small size and slightly lower than the flip side of the machine but EX1 flash bright enough only to ensure at a distance of nearly three meters when setting ISO 100. If still not satisfied, users can mount more lights left on base as the line ED-SEF20A hotshoe flashgun capital for NX10 hybrid camera.

Samsung EX1/TL500 - small camera for professional people

The rear EX1 a little bit tight due to the big screen have been eating and auxiliary button. However, the control system of the machine is extremely easy to get to know the layout of function keys relatively scientific and fairly intuitive menu design. EX1 provides 13 default scene, including some interesting modes like Beauty Shot help identify and then handle the brightness and color across the face, Frame Guide helps make available to another angle, only the base and press machine … Machine support relative to the manual mode allows the selection of autofocus points in a frame and zoom the image when the user wants to focus manually. EX1 owners versatile swivel flip screen size 3 inches and resolutions up to 614,000 pixels, the largest in number of tourist cameras available on the market today. Combined with proprietary technology AMODLED Samsung, this monitor is capable of re-detail, color and contrast superior to traditional generation LCD. Display quality and viewing angle is still guaranteed even better in bright environments such as the sun or in the lab.

With ambitions to compete with “big brand” Canon and Panasonic in the segment of luxury travel camera, Samsung EX1 is equipped with the advanced technology available today. CCD-megapixel resolution, but only 10 have sizes up to 1 / 1, 7 inch, equivalent rivals Canon S90 (or G11) and only slightly smaller than the Panasonic LX3. Most of the features on the EX1 is a system of Schneider-Kreuznach lens with focal length ranging from 24mm wide angle to telephoto 72mm, with optical stabilization. Compared with the lens fitted on two versions of S90 and G11 with the focal length in turn is 28-135mm and 28-140mm, Samsung EX1 quite limited in their ability and shooting range layout but has the advantage than when faced with large areas of landscape. Because the focal length starting from 24mm 3x zoom of the EX1 should also allow the capture a bit more flexible compared to 2.5 x the LX3. In addition, Samsung EX1 also owns a large aperture lens is “horrified” f/1.8 and f/2.4 at the widest angle when maximum zoom, extra strength to fight off any rivals any in its segment. Aperture big advantage not only helps get the machine stable when shooting low light, but also a serious increase in the effective background shots clear of pressing need, which is a strength only on the camera lens series left. Samsung EX1 also allows users to save files as RAW as the Canon S90, G11 and Panasonic LX3.

Samsung EX1/TL500 - small camera for professional people

According Dpreview, the EX1 lens optical quality is quite good. Average distortion 2.6% at the widest angle of 24mm and almost negligible when the maximum of 3x zoom. If you save files as JPEG compression, the machine will automatically reduce the user of this error should not worry almost to the processing software. Images lack contrast when shooting steam outdoors. Metering works very unstable so you should consider using more features exposure compensation in case of necessity. The color processor reproduced fairly accurately with the neutral component, not too bright or too dull. Noise reduction capability of the machine operation is also very impressive. Images are still quite smooth and when to raise the ISO to 800. At higher sensitivity, reducing noise of the EX1 mechanism works only at an average rate should remain fairly sharp images, not smooth like the Canon S90 or appearing too much like Panasonic LX3 hotel. A little interference as colored precipitates appear in dark image areas to raise the ISO to 800 but this bug is still acceptable.

Samsung EX1 support video recording with image quality is quite good but the resolution just stop at VGA (640 x 480 pixels, 30 frames per second) and single-channel sound (mono). Battery life is quite high, about 250 types of Photographyblog test image and can be recharged at any computer via a USB connection.

With significant upgrades to their form as well as technology equipment inside, Samsung EX1 is a “new star” on tourism market advanced camera next to names waver from Panasonic or Canon. Machine is a rugged, bright screen, open the large lens, long battery life and is far more better quality pictures even in low light conditions. Apart from some minor bugs related to metering and flash, EX1 deserves the number one choice for professional users besides DSLR cumbersome and complex.

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