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Samsung F700 review – Nice mobile with more interesting app

With beautifully designed with wide touch screen interface features trendy and vibration sensors, however, Samsung F700 as a nice hard way by the user will take time to know.

F700 is Samsung’s first phone equipped with 3.2 inch touch screen. This is a device many people do think of the iPhone.

Samsung F700 review - Nice mobile with more interesting app

In the segment touchscreen similar to the iPhone, in addition to the Samsung F700 and F490, Sony Ericsson P1i also towards entrepreneurs, W960i Walkman phone music player and Motorola Rokr E6. Besides the fashion model mobile as LG Prada, Samsung Armani and LG Viewty. However, the F700 still have differences, that is horizontal sliding QWERTY keyboard.

Similarities between the iPhone and the F700 is a touch screen design and glamor, the bottom screen is a button center. When the impact on this key, it will appear the icon allows the user to select the function music player, phone, web surfing, instant messaging or on the main menu with the icon network.

Next to the machine, turn camera users to easily capture images, depending on volume or lock. Meanwhile, on top of the machine is turned down, power off, connect to a computer port and 3.5mm headset jack. The back of the F700, 3 megapixel camera support auto focus mode is next to the flash LED.

Samsung F700 review - Nice mobile with more interesting appHowever, the glamor of the F700 design is also very easy to stick to your sweat, your screen will not be protected safely when users pocket with other objects.

When you want to use QWERTY keyboard, users simply push the machine from left to. Quite smooth sliding mechanism, the transfer mode, the screen is automatically displayed to the horizontal format.

The square button on the keyboard is beveled corners aesthetic similar to the Apple MacBook laptop. Although the adjacent node is classified, but quite easy to use and very little press was wrong. Below the buttons is white black light lamps. Disposition of the F700 QWERTY keyboard is quite similar to Nokia E61i or Motorola Q9 h.

Running Croix interface, Samsung F700 does not allow installing additional software, machine features touch vibration, support high-speed connection.

Different from the i780 runs on Windows Mobile 6, Samsung F700 running on interface called Croix, like Samsung Armani. Platform running on F700 Croix seems only this device, because there is no more a utility that you can install add-on.

Interface with the original icon on relatively simple, but trendy. Users can easily impact by hand, select the applications or slide up and down in the phonebook.

F700’s screen is equipped with vibration sensors feature. When the user impacts on the icon, the device will automatically vibrate slightly, as is the press on the keyboard. F700 allows custom rhythm and intensity of vibration.

Samsung F700 review - Nice mobile with more interesting app
Unlike mobile QWERTY keyboard on the market, F700 has no joystick. Instead, they are individually designed and located on the keyboard. User will take some time to know, such as the one to back down from the last key on the keyboard to enter button to space.If you’re a frequent choice of synchronization between Microsoft Outlook on your computer to the phone, the F700 is not a good idea to do it. Synchronize data is incomplete and limited the number of messages when updating.

F700 runs on three GSM frequency band with HSDPA, Bluetooth (support A2DP), micro SD card slot expansion and three-megapixel camera to capture images for 2016 x 1120 pixels wide.

Samsung F700 equipped for 1000 mAh battery allows 4.5 hours continuous conversation and standby time is 12 days. Speakerphone on activities during the call well, though sounds a bit thin.


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