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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo Review – Good Features and Beautiful

Galaxy Note 3 Neo

phablet form is more strongly inherited from the superior product Galaxy Note 3. Shortened some of Samsung does not affect the user experience while maintaining the advantages of this model compared to many competitors reach the money . Besides, the price of 529$ , Galaxy Note 3 Neo is also formidable opponent than many Android models of the same size and price are available on the market.


Review Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo - good features and beautiful

Samsung N750 Galaxy Note 3 Neo

Review Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo - good features and beautifulcan be considered as copies of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3Review Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo - good features and beautifulwhen at first glance it is difficult to distinguish compared to seniors . Dimensions little short but stylish design is quite similar, the squarish design is quite stylish. The dorsal surface leather factory is still in the front and the color of the veins beneath sinks , loudspeaker layout , the Home key is the same .

However, there is not any difference between the 2 models. If you look closely, or holding two machines at the same time, users will see the light metal rims color shortened version of Neo Note 3 to smooth and blur only part, instead of floating along the street near as Note 3. Besides , the location of keys volume keys or other sources not sorted , but the micro USB port on the back of Note 3 Neo conventional standards , cleaner instead of USB 3.0 as standard on seniors .

Review Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo - good features and beautifulBoth models have the same design and style comes only a few minor differences.

Another point to distinguish the appearance of Neo cluster rear camera no longer features protective metal rims surrounded flash that looks more neat . In addition, although the use of plastic material with leather style but still feels Note 3 Neo dorsum of hard and soft as Note 3 . Return, hold the camera feels solid, sturdy

Design on Galaxy Note 3 Neo can be considered as legacy points from senior appearance Senior Note 3 has stirred the market a long time ago. Even the S – Pen stylus is well worth the money Korean manufacturers moved down lower priced model .

If a separate assessment, the Galaxy Note 3 smartphone phablets well as sleek and eye-catching, if compared with the same range of money as rival Vibe  Z phablet form of Lenovo or G Pro of LG. Points have not been satisfied in the product casing material and not the level of perfection in detail, as in Note 3.


If the design is drawn, the user ‘s screen issues to consider . At more than 10 million views, Note 3 Neo must compete with a variety of high -resolution smartphone ( Full HD ) and sharp visibility. Although there is no equivalent magnitude much smaller, 5.5 compared with 5.7-inch screen of the Galaxy Note 3 Neo no longer copy from Note 3, which is actually a shortened and the same with the Galaxy Note 2.

Review Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo - good features and beautiful

Model Neo Samsung is equipped with AMOLED screen technology to display quality is quite brilliant, lively but the resolution is reduced to 720p. This creates a clear difference between Neo and Note 3 Note 3 if juxtaposed directly. Pictures on Note 3 in the morning and sharper shortened version.

However, the general quality display of the Galaxy Note 3 Neo at the acceptable price for a smartphone than 10 million when it’s large size, good demand for web surfing, gaming as well as movies, video when up to 5.5-inch screen. Compared with the same level of money as smartphones Apple- iPhone 5C, user experience and entertainment that Note 3 Neo gives the user clearly superior.

Besides, despite the withdrawal resolution display quality somewhat, but is notable series features richly expanded the screen, eyes, and Porter face recognition as well as the ability to combine with touch pen S – Pen … Neo ‘s model is still sticking to the same as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

And camera features

Like the design, the features that make the user feel like a Note 3 Neo copies of Note 3. Characteristics prominent feature in the form of higher phablet Samsung is bringing down the cost model more appear. Users will essentially be difficult to see the difference between Neo and Note 3 Note 3 on features, but compared to the Galaxy Note 2, Neo upstaged.

Review Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo - good features and beautiful

This model runs on the Android 4.3 operating system with Touch Wiz interface version. Machine concentrated study multitasking capabilities activities, as well as personal notes, feature with the touch pen S – Pen. This pen also allows handwriting input by UTF 8 code is pretty easy.

In particular, the S – Pen is a pen touch capabilities complement Air Command, the new notes software with powerful interactive capabilities, Scrap Booker notes to the multimedia content or features miniature Pen Windows applications. Galaxy Note 3 also strongly reduced the ability to support multitasking parallel software via Windows Multi features.

In fact , these features also make the Galaxy Note  3 Neo is powerful and attractive than competitors reach the money .

Camera 3 Neo Galaxy Note is equipped with the Samsung to collect substantial than the original. In addition to pulling the resolution from 13 megapixels to 8 megapixels, it also eliminates some imaging features like extended mode Note 3 Golf, shooting Animated motion, capturing 360-degree Surround Shot .

Review Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo - good features and beautiful

However, these features were omitted in Note 3 Neo is not too important when the shooting mode is often used interesting and more still appears, as photographed together with sound , continuous shooting speed or cut and Quick photo editing is retained . Note 3 Neo camera is also equipped with anti-vibration capability , digital video support with resolutions up to Full HD 1.080p similar elder .

Reduced resolution but image quality is still good from Note 3 Neo , in perfect lighting conditions for superb image detail and color to the beautiful , white balance capability honest . HDR photography mode works quite effectively when shooting in low light , which increases contrast and make the image not too flat , while keeping color fidelity . Note 3 Neo can also capture panorama pretty good but when the user is holding down the machine and lia , instead of horizontal hold . At this broad picture can be obtained with a resolution of up to 10 megapixels rich detail .

Performance and battery life

Review Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo - good features and beautiful

Although the configuration is simplified , practical experience that brings Galaxy Note 3 Neo no significant difference compared to the Galaxy Note 3 seniors . Touch operations like claws , pull the screen fast and responsive Note 3 Neo. The same latency when opening applications or games like Temple Run lightly on both models do not have .

Meanwhile , instead of Exynos 5420 uses chips 8 cores ( 4 1.9 GHz Cortex – A15 ‘s and 4 ‘s 1.3 GHz Cortex – A7 ) , Note 3 version  Neo use chip Exynos 5260  the 6 cores ( 4 people 1 , 3 GHz dual-core Cortex A7 and Cortex A15 1.7 GHz ) . The difference in performance can only be possible in and statistics as well as the familiar Benchmark review .

Review Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo - good features and beautiful

Meanwhile , paragraph 3 Neo Galaxy Note ‘s battery to impress with good use of time not less senior. The Samsung Compact 100 mAh batteries do not affect much the machine can be operated comfortably from 1 to 1.5 days with more intensity . If you turn off 3G when not in use or change into 2G 3G connection , Note 3 Neo entirely possible to use 2 day battery life per charge .

Review Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo - good features and beautiful

 5.5 inch screen up to help Note 3 Neo has better experience compared to 5C, the iPhone model same price

 Galaxy Note 3 Neo  phablet form is good and appealing to those who need a large screen smartphone serves better for the job as well as entertainment . Ability to multi-task operations with powerful features notes of S – Pen pen is great advantage of the model is priced to sell over 529$  from Samsung

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