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Samsung Galaxy S II Review – The Big Rival of iPhone

You can be seen Samsung Galaxy S II is the best Android smartphone now. Ultra-thin design, great screen and good configuration, Galaxy S II promises to be a new blockbuster this summer. 

Samsung S Galaxy II Review - The big rival of Iphone


Despite owning large screen, but holding Galaxy S II did not have the feeling big machine, inconvenience, for some smartphones on the market. The first impression that Samsung Galaxy S II provides a very compact.

Samsung has very cleverly collapsing borders, combining classic black color design with candy-bar rods square Galaxy S II helped get the lightness, elegance and sophistication.

Weight of more than 110 (compared with average weight of an Apple iPhone 136g), not to mention that Samsung announced the thin 8.5 mm – which is actually exactly 8:49 mm thin.

With the measure “physical” standards, Galaxy S II deserves lightweight smartphone today. The supermodel’s rivals of  Samsung Galaxy S II include Samsung Galaxy S (first generation): 9.9 mm; Apple iPhone 4: 9.3mm; Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc: 8.7mm.

Samsung Galaxy S II has only 3 main key options include: Option – Menu – Back. Key feature Back – discarded like so many other Android smartphone by Samsung. Surrounding frame is the key extra features such as volume control, microUSB port for PC connectivity concurrently and charging, HDMI output port photos, 3.5mm audio jack on the top of the camera.

 Samsung S Galaxy II Review - The big rival of Iphone
Samsung has been shortened by three dedicated keys on the Android OS on Galaxy S II
Body is made mainly of synthetic resin to the weight of the Galaxy II S lightweight. This is really necessary, limited wrist fatigue and convenient when you have to operate continuously on a portable screen as large as Galaxy S II.However, plastic materials has reduced the luxury class to create a smartphone category “power.” At this point, the opponent does not pass the iPhone design of the Apple .Monitors The highlight of the Galaxy S II is 4.3-inch screen, 800×480 pixels resolution with AMOLED technology Super Plus exclusive of Samsung’s.
Samsung S Galaxy II Review - The big rival of Iphone

Though we know that Apple always buy the Samsung panels for use in their products, but seem 2 Super AMOLED screen technology (Samsung) and Retina Display (Apple) has always been two competing technologies each other.

Display brilliant colors, sharp detail and very wide viewing angle. According to subjective evaluation, the display of the Galaxy II S beautiful and impressive than the iPhone 4. Large screen size means that the phone becomes clogged, but at the same time it also makes recreational Web surfing, video … interesting.

When the video playback quality, the stage action is treated fairly sharp and smooth. S white section on the Galaxy II has no pure, bright as the iPhone 4, to offset the black was darker and deeper. The neutral colors are vibrant and warm on the iPhone 4.


There are seven homescreens for users comfortable with the widgets and customizable shortcuts. From one of seven screens, to enable you to fast Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and auto rotate settings.Functions such as phone, contacts, messaging and Application settings are found and fixed along the bottom. Like other Android phones, and keep your hands slightly to customize the shortcuts, folders, wallpaper and some Samsung widgets.

Samsung S Galaxy II Review - The big rival of Iphone
 More customizable interface on the Samsung S Galaxy II
Samsung S Galaxy II Review - The big rival of Iphone
 Menu horizontal interface

Besides the main features of the Android OS, Samsung S Galaxy II interface also uses the latest 4.0 TouchWiz UI, adding some features, including: Music, Games, Readers and Social Hub – acts as a portal.Social Hub will link to other social networks like Twitter, Facebook, IM accounts such as Google Talk, MySpace … and easy synchronization of your contacts in your phone. But in this respect, the UI interface of the HTC Sense perform more efficiently.


S Galaxy II has a dual core processor at 1.2GHz named ARM Cortex-A9. This is the next generation of the ARM Cortex-A8 processor, has brought tremendous success of the power and processing speed for the iPhone 3G earlier or more recently the Nokia N900. ARM CPUs are manufactured towards mobile technology, so beyond the powerful processor, the power savings is a priority issue.

Rate performance on energy consumption of the Cortex A9 is considered better than the CPU of Intel Atom for netbooks.

Samsung S Galaxy II Review - The big rival of Iphone
Scoring Benchmark

Using mobile phones in fact capable of handling extremely fast, worthy of being one of the fastest smartphones today. Whether you’re watching movies or exchange between applications, Samsung  Galaxy S II has never had the “late”. In the test browser, Samsung S Galaxy II loading pages faster than the iPhone 4, moderate to load a page in about 15 seconds when connected via Wi-Fi ..Not equipped with Nvidia Tegra chip 2 as some of its segment rivals, but Gyroscope integrated 3-axis sensor, Samsung Galaxy II S redundant power for heavy game.


Samsung S Galaxy II Review - The big rival of Iphone

Samsung have upgraded to the Galaxy S II 8MP camera instead of 5MP camera at the older generation and many more customizable: More control arms, extended ISO 100-800, 5 white balance modes, automatically detects a smile … Panorama shot feature, with auto focus, Macro mode captures sharp to about 10cm and Face Detection mode operation is quite impressive.

Obtain sharp images, the color is very natural. Try 720p and 1080p HD video at 30fps, consistent quality, and less noise.

Playing Music, Movies 

Samsung S Galaxy II Review - The big rival of Iphone

Available strengths in manufacturing home theater, digital music players … so the quality of music on the Samsung S II Galaxy certainly nothing worth complaining. Especially if this is a Samsung product special care at the moment.

Many sound effects, 9 Equalizer mode and the ability to integrate enhanced bass, Galaxy S II can big rival – Apple iPhone 4.

Music Hub features available equipment allows you to rent, buy music online, but probably not very relevant in the conditions used in any country.


Wi-Fi experiment on continuous, maximum brightness, moderate browsing average of 4 hours continuously, watching videos and images, 1650 mAh capacity battery on the Samsung S Galaxy II enables all second day.

There is a small tip to prolong battery usage is to use Task Manager application to manage programs running, freeing memory associated with mode Power Saving Mode is available.


Almost reached the perfect level for a smartphone. Samsung S Galaxy II is almost no longer any restrictions on proprietary hardware and software. Just a little change in appearance, Samsung S Galaxy II will usurp the throne of gold that holds Apple iPhone 4.

– Super Screen Beauty
– Slim design today
– High Profile

– Not luxurious appearance

You can find this smartphone on Amazon: Samsung i9100 Galaxy S II Unlocked GSM Smartphone with 8 MP Camera, Android OS, 16GB Internal Memory, Touchscreen, Wi-Fi, GPS – No Warranty – Black


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