Samsung Omnia i900 review – The true view about power this device

When Samsung i900 Omnia appeared a few months ago, the features of the smartphone was quickly attract users, and become formidable to the iPhone.

This device has the form table with relatively large touchscreen, Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro, Samsung is also the user interface for easier use with fingers. As these devices to users today, Samsung Omnia i900 capacities up to megabytes.

Samsung Omnia i900 review - The true view about power this device

Samsung Omnia i900 review will focus on the segments below:

1. Design and construct
2. Features of the device
3. Touch Wiz
4. Wireless
5. Performance
6. Conclusion

Design and construct

The best way to describe the device Ominia is compared iPhone. This device has several features similar to the iPhone, although there are some differences: Samsung Omnia i900 has a removable extra battery under the black crust and many more key, memory card slot, and many other features again.
If you see the screen quite odd, actually have legitimate reasons for that. Ommia resolution screen with 400 pixel non-standard length and width is 240. Screen is described as WQVGA, “or” QVGA widescreen “in some respects. But this phrase meaningless because there is no one standard naogoi Widescreen QVGA is. Samsung Omnia i900 does not support the standard Windows Mobile screen.
Samsung Omnia i900’s screen is 3.2 inch diagonal, so the device looks larger 2.8 inch screen is often used in other Windows Mobile Pro. However, its size is less than 3.5 inch compared to the iPhone as of 3.8 inch HTC Touch HD.
Below the screen are two keys, and standard keyboard keys stop a call, which is commonly used in all phone and locate the small black button.
Features of the device
Omina has special features that you want in a handheld device. That’s TV output, FM radio, the GPS receiver, large flash memory cards, integrated 5 MPx camera, and a few other features. outside the device is also Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 128 MB RAM and 624 MHz processors.
Some features of this phone, but almost everyone is sure to use the Omnia’s large memory. With version 8 GB and 16 GB, this smart phone memory any more than a device using Windows Mobile else on the market. 16GB micro SDHC card, you can use them with 32 Gb of computer equipment, something the iPhone never do.
Interface: Touch Wiz
Can be said that the unique interface of the phone Omnia’s arsenal is the “TouchWiz” Samsung inherent in the device. This feature is designed very convenient to use. The key symbol and larger, sliding table …, all of 9 yards. The best thing here is you can make up to 90% daily work without having to delve into Windows Mobile Pro interface.
Comments around TouchWiz different. While some aspects of the design application area is quite good, Today Screen replacement unimpressive. Ability to drag and drop items from the toolbar on the main screen theory is quite good, but that will unsettle the screen. Many people quite concerned about this, but this may be simply a matter of preference.
A disadvantage of the Samsung Omnia i900 is a keyboard. When your input is the default mode T9 whether you choose to enter other data relevant hon.Trong you can change settings, designed keyboard made it difficult to use. Some people feel annoying installed Resco Keyboard instead.
As Samsung has changed quite a lot, you may not use the Omnia absolutely no thought of using the old Pro Windows Mobile interface, such as when you want to change the settings devices.Maybe  this is causing much trouble one, not only by the interface that the device has been missing: Stylus. Unlike other phone WM Pro, Omina not support stylus, so difficult when you need a precise message. Instead, the device supports stylus outside the wire term. It is not stylish.


Comes to wireless features of Omia, need to explain a little. Omnia has the same version of a version by eXpansys and other airlines sell, but no features of 3G use in the United States. This is because the device does not support the 2100 MHz 3G, coverage in Europe, Asia, but coverage here.
Therefore, a need for a different version of Omnia supports quad-band US / Canada. This band has recently FCC approved for use in the United States. But not allowed to introduce to the market, so if in North America, be careful before buying any empty.
Although the rumors seem to reverse order, the possibility that the U.S. version of the AT & T Omnia will be officially introduced. Providers will use the Verizon Wireless Omina, quite interesting to watch. This version of EV-DO.
Of course, both the current version of the Omnia are quad-band integrated GSM / EDGE, so both versions are using any network without the need to consider 3G. Most importantly, the device is integrated Bluetooth 2.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11b / g. Bluetooth connectivity lets do all the things that the iPhone does not do as BT headphones, AVRCP,, AVRCP, and Bluetooth sync.Performance

With 624 MHz processors, to admit that the speed of Omina be slower than expected speed users. Operation of the device, at least work the user interface quite similar to the 400 MHz machine.
Using 1400 mAh battery, the smartphone has reduced the amount of power. Quite appropriate if we use this device primarily as phone, but Wi-Fi and use the best media.Tot should consider the use of two batteries.


Ominia i900 is a device with hardware good, if you’re familiar with the use of its features. Whether or not, there are many opinions on this device. If you are experienced and carefully studied the device, you will feel completely satisfied with Ominia i900. If not reason or bid on the original as you think, so not many devices equipped with hardware features such as better FM radio, TV out, GPS, and a shiny launcher.

Can be summed strengths and weakness of Ominia i900 as follows:


Monitor quality
Internal GPS
TV out
Large memory


Touch interface is quite unpleasant
Computer running fast
No out pen test