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Samsung SH100 Reviews- New Camera with New Features

Samsung SH100 not only Wi-Fi to share photos directly to the Internet, but also more efficient handling of color and unique frames.
Samsung SH100 reviews- New camera with new features

Camera Wi-Fi is not a new idea, however, integrating both Wi-Fi n standard (Wi-Fi standard is now the most powerful) with multiple social networking applications has turned into Samsung SH100 one of these cameras have the impressive ability to connect and interact on the Internet.

Along with the 14.2-megapixel sensor for fine image quality and multi-touch screen 3 inches wide with the Menu control system friendly, easy to use.

Here are the notable features of the Samsung SH100.

– CCD sensor 1/1.33, 14.2 Megapixel, 1280 x 720 pixel camera, 30 frames per second.

– Lens: f = 4.7 to 23.5 mm equivalent to 26 = 130 mm, 5x optical zoom.

– Display: LCD 3-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 230,000 pixels WQVGA.

– Features: Magic Frame, Smart Auto 2.0, Smart Filter 2.0, Self Portrait, Face, Beauty Photography, Portrait, Wireless Wi-Fi b / g / n.


With size 93 x 53.9 x 18.9 mm, Samsung SH100 looks compact, easy to hold in your hand, Flexible for quick snapshots. Typically, the compact camera, the little screen, however, the use of touch technology, brought the custom to make the touch interface of the computer screen becomes more widely, the only button back home, all returned to the shooting screen.

Samsung SH100 reviews- New camera with new features

Unlike many compact cameras are available on the market, SH100 use microSD memory card slot, this is the kind of memory cards are very popular, used on smartphones and other mobile devices, so the use of standard This will cause many people to take advantage of the card and no need for additional normal standard SD adapter.Capture key is arranged on top, slightly concave down between functional circle changes, rather just hold hands when shooting. On/off button located nearby, the battery mounted near the bottom slot, while the HDMI port is arranged on the left side and the lid tightly closed.

Samsung 14-megapixel sensor on this camera comes a 5x optical zoom, ideal for those equipped with a tiny camera. Flash is located next to the lens. SH100 is one of the compact models is easy to use, low-key press today.


The highlight of the SH100 is the first interface on the touchscreen. Evidently, Samsung has applied the simple on Galaxy S smartphones, layout, menu system, the icon tidy. All make users feel easy to use and simpler to choose the custom. The icons are arranged in an 8-page icon, slider to go on 4-page feature. Samsung calls it the Smart Touch 3.0 interface.

Samsung SH100 reviews- New camera with new features

The main menu icons on a bright and colorful, 3-inch screen of the computer use resistive touch technology, but quite smooth to the touch. Many camera users might be a little crestfallen when first used, however, with a menu such as mobile phones, features selected via a finger click, touch becomes simpler than the customs complex from the wheel or hardware keys.Users can go through the features from icon mode, video, photo. Besides, the machine is also integrated backup program, control viewfinder, photo sharing, DLNA connectivity via All Share of Samsung, edit photos, or press the shooting mode.

Image quality

Located in the 2011 series of Samsung cameras, the cameras SH100 has many features, auxiliary effects for photography.

Samsung SH100 reviews- New camera with new features

The first feature is the ability to automatically identify landscapes Smart Auto, in which the machine will automatically detect environmental conditions and set the shooting mode optimization.

Samsung is also equipped with scene modes like landscape, sunset, dawn, backlight … Meanwhile, features professional photo effects photo Smart Filter make smooth, make up the four corners that capture images just like a full frame of DSLRs.

Samsung SH100 also comes with frame, filter images, video or color effects, brightening subjects … next photo editing program versatile.

14-megapixel sensor on the SH100 to the highest quality. Pictures are taken from machine clear and light, some photos in good light conditions to bright color, clarity. With pictures taken in auto mode, good white-balance machine, some backlit shots will not wash, while dark areas are made brighter. In addition, Samsung is also equipped with features to lighten the object is quite special.

One of the advantages of this camera is the touchscreen to show the image directly to the custom bar on the screen. To increase brightness, color mode, the picture will appear immediately, according to which, users can choose the color, brightness consistent with the photos without taking time to edit later.

There are also other interesting effects for the young as to create the impressive magic frame, forming a decorative album, ripple effects, the full moon effects … The growth effects, making the photos become more creative and interesting, not monotonous, creating unique individuals when users upload and share social networks.

Smart Connect

One of the most interesting features on this camera is the “Web.” This is the option to share on social networks, allowing users to go on Facebook, Picasa, YouTube, Photobucket and Samsung Imaging.

Samsung SH100 reviews- New camera with new features

No need to use a computer, just pop and Wi-Fi connection, create an account on social networking sites, users can share pictures quite easily. Users can also use a memory card from another camera attached to, share online, email directly or shared with other devices via DLNA technology applications AllShare Samsung’s proprietary.

In fact, just go to the web icon, the machine will detect the Wi-Fi, users can input a password through the virtual QWERTY keyboard pops up as a smartphone. Wi-Fi connection speed and stability on the SH100.

Ability to upload images, users can select the file you just finished shooting, edited, or plug a memory card into another machine. Depending on the wireless connection, however, tested on Wi-Fi Access Point and ADSL 100Mb/s shows the average family takes about 20 seconds for each upload new images was taken from the machine.

Another feature of this compact model is the backup option. This allows users to go to another computer or a network drive, access to stored images.

One feature particularly interesting connection on this camera is the ability to remotely control the camera, synchronized with the device’s Android 2.2 or higher. The practical test shows that the user can use Samsung Galaxy  S or Galaxy Tab to connect directly with SH100 through interactive applications for free download from the online application store Android Market, later to control capture images remotely via the optional variety.

Overall Assessment of Samsung SH100 can see, this camera is the 14.2-megapixel sensor for high-quality photos. Besides compact design, for sure, touch-screen interface “cross-bread” smart controller allows quick and easy to get acquainted. Manufacturers have brought many technologies and convenient connection allows a unique remote control camera, sharing pictures through email and social networking easier.

You can find this camera on Amazon: Samsung EC-SH100 Wi-Fi Digital Camera with 14 MP, 5x Optical Zoom and Touchscreen (Silver)


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