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Samsung ST700 Review : Good Camera with Dual Screen

Samsung ST700 cameras is Samsung’s dual-screen, high-end version for better picture quality.

Along with PL170 and PL120, ST700 dual view of the cameras Samsung’s new this year, this is also the first camera and two monitors only the world today. In terms of the features of the machine, we can say this is the camera model both good configuration screen, picture quality is quite sharp with eye-catching design.
This is one of the luxury travel camera of Samsung today, may come more professional image effects as well as coupling effects for photo art creative, unique and interesting.
Samsung ST700 Review: good camera with dual screen

Here are the notable features on the Samsung ST700.

  • Resolution 16.1 Megapixel, 1 / 2, 33 inch, CCD
  • Germany’s advanced lens Schneider Kreuznach 26 mm wide angle, 5x optical zoom
  • 3 inch touch screen, 1.8 inch front screen
  • Dual anti-vibration system (digital and optical)
  • ISO 3200
  • Size: 98 x 55 x 19.8 mm
  • Other features: Face Detection automatically, professional photo effects (Smart Filter), art jigsaw effect (Magic Frame), Portrait
  • 720p HD video.


Samsung ST700 Review: good camera with dual screen
Achieve more success in the smartphone market touchscreen, Samsung has applied this technology in the form of its cameras. ST700-touch interface is very friendly, easy to use, with large icons and colored typical Samsung smartphone show clear and vivid 3-inch screen on the back of the machine.
Like the 2011 version, ST700 only behind a Menu button, the screen behind the large, simple back design helps to see clear and convenient. On the top of the camera is shooting / zoom key. And turn the power button is located next to the previous screen, a little lower on the back is key see picture.
ST700 supports HDMI port, allowing direct connection to the HDTV to view photos, video. HP uses microUSB slot, common standards are used in mobile phone so users can share content between the camera and the phone easily.
Samsung ST700 sleek with the shiny front. 1.8 inch screen is arranged neatly next to the wide-angle lens. Samsung uses the Schneider Kreuznach lens,advanced lens of Germany with a 5x optical zoom, a flash of the machine is quite big and well placed on the secondary display for a camera this advanced dual-screen
Although ST700 not compact as the ultra-thin version of its recent debut, but the device remains in the model group has hands the size of segment travel camera. Compact design with a metal rim around and the buttons are saving up to make the machine looks simple but no less elegant.


Samsung ST700 Review: good camera with dual screen
Using the lens of the German luxury brand Schneider Kreuznach, ST700 for image quality and clear. With angle lens wide 26mm assist people to easily capture the panorama. When standing near, with a narrow angle, users can easily get onto the scene in front.
Effects professional (Smart Filter) is also an interesting feature of the ST700. Users can “compose” even photos or video art without any additional software to support any other complex. For example Vignetting effect darkens the four corners to add artistic images, Soft Focus blur the sharp and soft colors, and Haft-Tone Dot strange images as in the comics.
Besides art jigsaw effect (Magic Frame) quite interesting. Just a picture and select one of the integrated model as Magic Magazine Frame, Full Moon, Classic TV, etc you can create strange images available in the background very nicely.
The ST700 is one of the best portraits compact form by the ancillary features. The first is Beauty Shot supports to remove facial flaws, while Face Detection AF and red-eye removal, beautiful photos help a lot smoother.
Two screens are a useful support to capture. Self Timer countdown display for intuitive, especially suitable for groups of people shooting up and prepare fresh smile in photos. This may be one of the unique features towards young users.
Interface sensitivity improvement over last year’s version of ST600. The icon is refreshing, beautiful and more colorful, and simple to use, with four pages Home screen allows slide to go into the main feature.
ST700 also supports HD video, 30 frames / second, enabling the high-definition video. One of the limitations of the camera image is recorded Samsung, want to see on TV is only connected to the device manufacturer.

Practical experience

The effects and frames on ST700 loved the test, because, through this feature, users may not need to edit after the shooting. Quality photos on the picture nice and warm in favor of color, detail.
The machine is quite fast, users do not have to wait long to switch to another photo, even for the largest resolution, 16 megapixels.
Photographs in the normal mode of ST700 is bright, the fast-focus machine for capturing moving objects easily. In particular, the day beautiful photos, in color and bright, clear display.
You can find this smartphone on Amazon: Samsung EC-ST700 Digital Camera with 16 MP, 5x Optical Zoom and Touchscreen (Black)



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