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Samsung WB700 Review – Best Camera with Large Zoom and Cheap Price

Samsung WB700 has good prices for large optical zoom, many modes attractive features and image quality at relatively.

Samsung is the new name emerged in the market of digital cameras for about two years. To penetrate this market, the company has chosen to integrate more features, hight sensor resolution, and high-end specifications same attractive price to quickly capture market share. In the segment of the ultra-zoom camera, Panasonic TZ models are gaining more advantages immediately, Samsung has launched WB series with more features but prices are more attractive than competitors.
Samsung WB700 Review - Best camera large zoom and cheap price
Panasonic takes Leica lens in their products and still cameras German firms to monitor and govern much of the production and engineering. And to select partners similar to compete with rivals, Samsung selection Schneider lens. Specifically, even when using lenses with a hundred-year-old history, but the Korean electronics companies still keep their products at an affordable price.
Samsung WB700 CCD sensor size 1 / 2, 3-inch 14.2-megapixel resolution, Schneider-Kreuznach lens 18x optical zoom focal lengths from 24 to 432 mm, behind the computer screen size 3-inch resolution QVGA. It can shoot 720p HD video resolution at 30, 15 frames per second

 Part 1: Design and Control.

Samsung WB700 in size and high density, double the usual compact models, but much smaller than other models with similar large optical zoom. Schneider lens with 18x optical zoom, large front wheel operated by a two-way right down the shutter. Along the face of the wheel of edit mode and the power key.
In overall design, the lens is quite large, occupying almost the entire shock front. This style is partly due to large optical structures but also by the rest of its vision to create “level” than the machine to distinguish them from ordinary compacts.
Samsung WB700 Review - Best camera large zoom and cheap price
The rear of the WB700 is a large screen, size 3 inch TFT LCD with navigation keys and keypad to adjust the right tools. One advantage of this model is to integrate a key individual in the video right next to the machine right-hand corner. This makes it easy to record video without having to adjust wheel mode or select the menu as many other compact models. Besides the navigation buttons the usual four, WB700 has a custom function button can help users to change the ISO value, clearing and balancing the white light through a small menu pops up when pressed.
WB700 also has a function button is like many compact cameras by Canon, by displaying a short menu on the left side of the screen. These options can be set up including resolution, image quality, ISO, white balance, focus, metering, intelligent filtering and image stabilization. This menu system is the small circle is displayed around the user has chosen to follow more easily.
The main menu system of WB700 is quite intuitive to be divided into two columns to the left of the design while the appendages are right. The options are shown in detail, easy to understand so users easily change the parameters of interest.
Under this model is the same battery and memory card slots. WB700 is rather special point using conventional lithium-ion battery but can charge by plugging the cord directly into the camera. This design has in many other models of Samsung tourism but its advantage is that less attention to. The direct charging will help users do not have to carry a large local charge and replaced by a single USB cable. This cable has to exchange data with a computer can just plug in the charger to recharge the battery department.
Another surprise is the WB700, Samsung to “turn on” use cards instead of SD and SDHC microSD cards that it had “preferred” model using more compact than in recent years. SD memory cards are common in travel camera, but the use of microSD previous Samsung is said to be quite bold for easy exchange with other mobile intelligent.
In general, the WB700 works fast. The phone takes about 1.5 seconds to boot (from time to time set screen display) and about 4 seconds to capture the first picture (from the source to the moments when shooting is finished). Samsung’s cameras also focus over time to detect the contrast pretty quickly even in low light conditions. However, unfortunately, the speed of recovery after taking with flash a long. As announced by Samsung, the machine takes about 4 seconds after each flash modes to make the next shots, but this in fact test in about 6 seconds.
Slideshow photos were taken it is really a very big advantage of the WB700. Not only display information about photos, this model also allows direct editing operations such as rotate, crop and add special effects (Smart Filter). Users can view images directly with each effect before pressing the button to agree. In addition, images can also edit the small preview features like Smart filter add effects such as red-eye removal, identification and smoothing in the face, increasing the brightness, contrast, adding noise.

 Part 2: Image Quality

All test images and comments are made with the Superfine custom high-resolution 14-megapixel JPEG photos. Images obtained with the average size is about 6 MB.
Image quality is generally taken from the WB700 are commendable, especially compared to other super-zoom competitors. Sharp images with good color reproduction. However, like all other compact cameras, WB700 also see the downside is sometimes the contrast range becomes narrower in some cases, specific time. In the tests on noise control, WB700 make good noise reduction features noise sometimes even appear in some cases in which a low ISO in natural light.
WB700 for very good pictures with ISO settings less than 400. Almost no interference occurs and the edges, edge detail is reproduced clearly. At ISO 400, noise may begin to appear, but difficult to detect in conventional image and zoom can be monitored.
In fact, interference with colored particles does not appear until the machine reaches ISO 800 or higher. The sides and edges begin fainter details in this setting, but the control is “within reach” of the WB700. When the ISO 1600 reached over, the noise started clearest in the scenes, the dark especially blue highlights. At ISO 3200, WB700 control noise test by smoothing the image. This reduces the interference color particles but also the loss of detail in some areas of images and sometimes light blue spots appear larger in dark areas.
Quality Schneider lenses have the opportunity to show the pictures to be sharp detail is quite good. The small details on the lens image are reproduced in full and easily seen at 100% magnification. However, this lens could not avoid the phenomenon of aberration even quite small and difficult to detect. This phenomenon occurs when there is a large contrast between the clear black and white. In this case, aberrations occur with a thin look.
WB700 can shoot macro close at least 3 cm, this distance is sufficient to take appropriate small items or reproducing the details of the object.


Samsung WB700 is really a competitor “stunned” with many other cameras in its segment, the money. The model seeks to ease of use interface while integrating more features and full manual mode for the photographer. The design quality of WB700 is generally pretty good with metal casing, the screen bright and convenient connection to PC or charger is very convenient.
The image quality of WB700 is a strong point with good color reproduction, and the ability to catch fast strokes. Metering capability works well even contrast sometimes be limited in some cases.
WB700 is a camera really is worth the price is chosen  for many advanced features, good image quality, manual mode for photographers and a large optical zoom

You can find this camera in Amazon: Samsung EC-WB700 Digital Camera with 14 MP and 18x Optical Zoom (Black)


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