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How to Become Sasuke Uchiha in 15 Easy Cosplay Steps

Electric power crackles against the flesh of his enemies that writhe in pain from the invincible Chidori attack.

A powerful soldier who once fought for the leaf village, Sasuke Uchiha cosplay has now taken the power of lightning to his own ends.

He strives to achieve, never allowing anyone to stand in his way while he shapes his destiny and looks towards the eternal future. Both stalwart and unpredictable, he is a force to be reckoned with.

Perhaps you feel that you can be like this rugged fighter. Care to take the challenge? Here Sasuke Uchiha Cosplay Tutorial – Naruto’s biggest rival

Becoming Sasuke Uchiha in 15 Easy Cosplay Steps
Cosplay by Prosetisen

15 Easy Sasuke Uchiha Cosplay Steps

1) Focus on things that you grasp easily, as Sasuke has always been quite a natural at the various ninja abilities.

2) Have a strong sense of pride in your family; much of Sasuke’s entire story revolves around his drama with the Uchiha clan.

3) Think about your expressions; Sasuke’s own smile shows his invincibility.

4) Strive for strong academics; Sasuke graduated at the top of his class at the academy.

5) Don’t fear the future, but make sure you’re prepared for whatever comes your way. Sasuke is always trying to gain the power he needs to come face to face with his destiny.

6) Black sandals with white wraps would be good for a Sasuke cosplay, and various forms of bandages could be used for this characteristic part of his garments.

7) Sasuke usually has a black strap around his right arm. This is probably to support his arm during combat and could be replicated in a similar fashion for a cosplay.

8) Growing out your hair, or wearing an appropriate wig, might be a good idea for a cosplay as well. After his training, Uchiha’s hair was longer and draped over his eyes.

9) Though it’s really a must for most Naruto character, a shinobi headband adds a lot to a Sasuke cosplay. You could make one, though several commercial leaf ninja headbands have been manufactured.

10) By the time Shippuden starts, Sasuke has again changed his clothing. To cosplay this era, a belted white and gray robe would really tie together the look.

11) Eat properly; Sasuke is known for his balanced diet that he considers part of his training.

12) Have an appreciation for animals. Despite his cold demeanor, Sasuke gains Orochimaru’s abilities to summon birds and snakes.

13) Always plan to work hard. When he was with Orochimaru, Sasuke never lost sight of his goals to defeat Itachi.

14) Develop new ways to tackle problems. When his Chakra store was low, Sasuke invented a new jutsu to avoid using it.

15) To keep your grim persona in mind, and to truly excel as the rogue warrior that Sasuke is, surround yourself with as much Naruto merchandise as possible. DVDs, manga, and character goods will call to mind the path you have chosen.


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