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Select tablet or netbook?

Select tablet or netbook?

Tablet PCs are more portable, operating system, consistent with a touch screen and the small size while netbook can help entrepreneurs run applications from the Windows Professional.

One year appeared on the market could be not enough for many users to answer questions should use the netbook or tablet computer for their own needs. While in 2010 is considered to be the year of the netbook tablet have started slow in both sales and number of new models appeared recently.

The tablet form on the market as Apple iPad or Galaxy Tab certainly better than a netbook for mobility and battery life. However, a laptop computer running Windows has its own advantages.

Here are some comparative advantages of these two series for each purpose, the need to use the user easily select accordingly.

Why netbook better

Performance and applications

Select tablet or netbook?

There are many computer models now support tables Adobe Flash in its browser but mostly to see the content than the ability to interact with users. If you like games like Restaurant City or FarmVille on Facebook, a netbook will certainly serve better.

For those who use iPad to travel to places never previously set foot, so to the best of Apple tablet in the house and replace it with a mini laptop or netbook. Some airlines and hotels use flash web content, something that Apple devices can not be displayed.

Although IOS and the repositories Android are becoming larger, but the programs running on Windows has a long history of development options and provide large scale significantly better. One of the main software VPN (Virtual Private Network) encryption key for the operating system desktop. VPN is a requirement for companies to allow employees to access the personal database.

Feature set

Only a few samples of tablet PCs equipped with SD card reader (most use the microSD card replacement) and even very few models have USB ports. On the other hand, are most netbooks come with handy card reader, 2 to 3 USB ports and VGA output. Even, even if your USB tablet driver is compatible with external devices is not as Windows or Mac OS.

Virtual keyboard is always a long story when comparing between netbook and tablet. However, it is clear that a keyboard will be more convenient for people to write a email or a presentation. Furthermore, despite multiple tasks, but still only tablet that can display one application at a time while the netbook can simultaneously display multiple windows to track.

Storage capacity

Tablet use flash memory storage, faster and more secure than magnetic disk drives in netbook traditional. However, storage is the main problem of current tablet when most models are only the largest capacity is 64GB, while popular netbooks around 250GB hard drive. Except for about 20GB of space for Windows, users are still more than 200GB for storage.

Netbooks more attractive prices

Due to popularity, netbook is now available at attractive prices than ever before. Current price for a stable model used in Vietnam to around 6-7 million. Meanwhile, the first iPad also cost at least more than 10 million, to form stable cheap but not as high as Archos also has about $ 8 million.

Reason tablet dominance

Duration good battery life and the ability to immediately

Select tablet or netbook?

Like other smart phone models, computers rarely been off the table would only be put on standby status to save power. This makes the device status can return to work almost immediately. The tablet can send / receive email or text message for 24 hours a day. Battery life is also better than the netbook for about 10 hours of continuous use.

Costs for applications

Most IOS Android applications and are priced from just 1 USD to 20 USD is very easy for users to buy used. Meanwhile, the proprietary Windows programs can cost several hundred dollars for a professional.

Multi-touch screen

Some recent models such as the Lenovo IdeaPad S10- has equipped multi-touch screen. However, the look and functionality on the Windows operating system can not be compared with Android, IOS or Tablet BlackBerry OS on the ability to use touch screen and user interaction.

OS suitable for smaller screen netbook

Not only is the mobile platform created for touchscreen devices. The OS has been using a tablet interface, icon or software controls are consistent with the small screen to the user to easily manipulate and get acquainted.

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If users travel frequently and regularly to check email, web browsing and social networking players, tablet PCs are great choices. On the other hand, netbooks may provide the convenience, more flexibility when transferring photos from camera to computer and business customers need VPN or professional programs.


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