Sennheiser HD 218 Review – Best price, fine quality

Sennheiser is known as a manufacturer of audio products with best quality now and HD 218 course does not rule out that, although this is only a mid-range headphones on the market and the under the lowest price of Sennheiser. HD 218 also makes users feel the quality can not judge from appearances. Powerful bass sound, compact design and comfort when using the strengths in the form of Sennheiser headphones HD 218.
Sennheiser HD 218 Review - Best price, fine quality

This is the model headset was judged to be marginally better sound quality rivals more price range. Compact design, the size of the HD 218 has also brought to the user feels and runs as smoothly in the long run, even a first sample closed headphone.Headphone jack is designed for 3.5 mm, consistent with the needs of users to use mobile phones, music players, iPhone and iPad, laptop.

HD 218 headphones are samples taken on top form but are quite compact design and light weight. Capture the entire frame and the ears are made of plastic with dark tones. Plastic frame to take the rough with black, medium large in size and collapse between the two ears. Below have an extra layer of padding to keep the headset firmly on top and smooth to use. Like many other shooting headsets, Sennheiser still allows the user to adjust the width of opening of this headset by sliding the rim.

Create more comfortable feeling for users, both facing the ear frame was designed with a flexible, allow slightly sloping open to in or out. However, users can not capture the ears bend and fold back the same compact headset as some other line of Sennheiser Travel.

Sennheiser HD 218 Review - Best price, fine quality

Like also Closed Headphones such as  HD418, HD 218 H428 or HD438, but the tiles have designs mid-sized and has no edges wrap around the ear. Thus despite long use, but users still do not feel hot or uncomfortable ear. Meanwhile, the sound from the headset has not been leaking to the external environment and influence the next.

Sennheiser headphones fitted to their standard headphone jack with 3.5 mm jack huge plastic head, head-standing form. Cable long sizes 1.3 m, using soft rubber material that can prevent tangle,but points deducted as well and not integrated audio controls. Size length that needs to use the HD 218 compatible with mobile phones, music players or laptops, but it is difficult to use with TV, computer or staging a PC.

Overall design, Sennheiser HD 218 can not create when they feel like simple designs, which use plastic materials lost seemed high, modern brand. However, the plus point in this model headset is very comfortable feeling while using the Closed headphones.

Musical performance possible

Sennheiser HD 218 Review - Best price, fine quality

 Along with a sense of comfort during use, plus the HD 218 is a very consistent sound quality compared with its mid-range price. If you have used these headsets are used to cost under 50 USD, you will feel 218 HD-quality sound marginally better than other mid-range products.

The first impression is reflected in the bass. With the Hotel California by Yao Si Ting presented, showing the prelude music from the HD 218 will get you excited, fascinated with this song better. Bass section shows quite stocky, soft voice, rather than ringing or buzzing. Meanwhile, the voices of Yao Si Ting retains the detailed, well-defined. The highly negative light, pleasant feeling creative. In general, the reflected sound of HD 218 is considered perfect at the price of 890,000, consistent with soothing music taste like Pop, Jazz or Ballad, but with limited music scene, as powerful as Dance, Rock …

However, is not without defects in the ability to perform the music of the HD 218. The main problem lies in the volume in this Headphones Closed headphones. Actually restrict the sounds around, but again the volume of the headphones makes the listener feel do not really climax.

Rarely do users try to turn the volume up on my iPhone, but a large amount when combined with the Sennheiser HD 218, the volume often have to stay above 80% to be able to comfortably enjoy your music.

However, that is the case quiet environments like the workplace, at home longer if used in noisy spaces such as train stations, railway stations, the largest volume level with HD 218 is probably not enough . Even with computers, the volume is not large enough sample of this headset also occur.

Able to demonstrate sound detailed and clear but the music shows in HD space 218 is not high, comes with the lack of ability to perform surround sound effects. Samples of medium-range Sennheiser headphones will fit the need to use to listen to music instead of the interests of the faithful watch mobile users.


– Lightweight design, feels comfortable to use
– Demonstrate strong bass, strong with Dynamic Bass Sound
– Demonstrating the perfect musical with medium price
– Flexible design can keep noise and good sound
– Material plastic
– Simple design, can not be folded to bring move
– Volume is not large enough

You can find this headphone in Amazon : Sennheiser HD218 Closed Back Headphone Optimized for iPod/iPhone/MP3/ and Music Players