Sennheiser Hd 461i is an upgrade to the HD 400 series headphones, improve both the level of detail, soundstage and especially the bass range allows beat deep, powerful.

Sennheiser Hd 461i Review - full-size headphones, deep bass with good price

Sennheiser sound reputation firms from Germany constantly added to the “family” headphones new members. In particular, samples segment 461i HD full-size headphones, closed format designed to bring comfort, anti-noise capability for user efficiency. Headset is equipped with a mic, joystick compatible with iPhone, iPad … Sennheiser HD 461G separate version for the Samsung Galaxy series and other Android models.


Sennheiser Hd 461i Review - full-size headphones, deep bass with good priceSennheiser HD 461i is designed quite simply, the first cover with large size ear roots embrace both ears. Overall the product put on her “wings” black rough, but accentuated by the more stylized. Earcup corrugated, surrounded by silver edging highlights.

Headband as big a part in it and the brand Sennheiser logo imprinted along hooded. Grab bar on HD 461i is designed to be flexible, hugging ears but still feels comfortable thanks to the ability to adjust the size easily. Cushion and pad on top of Sennheiser headphones use high-grade leather, durable, comfortable and high noise immunity.

Add flexibility to the product, the manufacturer from Germany on the extension cord designed detachable HD 461i. Earlier the source is in communication with a standard 3.5 mm jack tee, while the headphone jack is connected to the 2.5 mm type with joints hold firmly. Control keys are located on the wire, allowing to adjust the volume, skip tracks or pause playback. It also includes the mic off to the wearer HD 461i direct conversation.


Sennheiser Hd 461i Review - full-size headphones, deep bass with good priceThis is the advanced version of the line HD 400, HD 461i has much improved experience
performance and presentation. Full-size headphones, but this model has a moderate weight, high-grade leather pad and rational design should wear comfortable, quiet sure. Once set up HD 461i and open ears to music, the listener as being “isolated” with the outside world thanks to effective noise resistance.

Products of the company more than 70 years of age sounds inherited traits as sweet as in many other Sennheiser headsets. With HD 461i, minus the pop-up offers the possibility to re-create open space, create depth to the music. Clearly on a headset closed soundstage inherent limitations, the HD 461i what to do is very impressive in the price range.

“Deep bass” is characterized Sennheiser HD 461i insist on, by printing it on the packaging. Failure to do so down the listener, bass deep down on the headset and HD 400 was more potent than previous series. Bass more moderate charms bass on this product is more refined and mature. So that if you listen long with HD 461i, you do not feel tired, tinnitus which in return is a feel immersed in sound.

The quality of the Sennheiser HD 461i is present on the smooth, vibration of each note but not so lost the inherent simplicity. Mid penchant balance, focus accurately reproduces instead of “lull” the listener with thick sweetness. Meanwhile treble is “hit” to but not so thin that be improved so that the energy-rich sound.

Sennheiser HD 461i is a full-size headsets attractive price range. Product upgrade in quality sound as well as the finished product. Those discerning music can also be conquered by this product, but if you’re a stickler for the HD 461i aesthetic with certain points deducted. Sennheiser no additional accessories for this product, and if the “jacket” to her a more polished appearance, fashion HD461i easier than the “beat” of users.

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