Sennheiser RS160 review- good headphone for your entertainment

RS 160 is type headphones traditional with big ears to hear, embrace the ear and good soundproof. The chassis is made from resin with the most detail to show through the translucent painted black. The extra details like the center or edges of the small belt headphones black paint makes the product attractive style, fashion more.
Sennheiser RS160 review- good headphone for your entertainment
Sennheiser’s wireless headphones use rechargeable AAA batteries, but the NiMH technology. Just twist the left ear protection in each and must be to expose the battery holder. Batteries NiMH AAA to the weight of the RS 160 is reduced more, meaning that users can easily find and replace batteries as needed. The design of the headset charger included for users to fully charge the battery directly through your headset without removing the battery charger separately.

Comfort is that users feel when using wireless headphones Sennheiser RS 160’s. In the lightweight and can easily adjust the sizes of the rim cover is an advantage that this model provides headphones. However, the rim cover of the ear with a large buffer can make the listener’s ears are heating up if bring too long time. This is a common drawback of the first cover headphones.

A point deducted in the design of the ears is a wireless arrangement makes the system off button users find it difficult to use. Position open source shortcut buttons in the middle two buttons to increase or decrease the volume makes the user more time to be groping to adjust the headset volume, avoid pressing the wrong and always turn off the headset off.

Comes with Sennheiser RS 160 is a wireless signal receiver is quite compact, round design style, with flat slightly translucent paint and shadow detail just like headphones. Users can now use the headset charger adapter to supply power to the transceiver or may add 2 AA batteries in just under the surface for use in cases such as when traveling and no available power source.

Sennheiser RS160 review- good headphone for your entertainment
The system button on the headphone
 The receiver uses signals missing stereo jack 3.5 mm, allowing connection to most popular music player devices today. With a little pre-amp built-in, users can freely adjust the music volume from the transceiver to a headset or separate from the playback device. With the transmission technology Kleer uncompressed signal, the transceiver can connect with up to 4 RS 160 headset same time, at a distance of up to 16 m.

According to the specifications that manufacturers provide, these headphones can play music continuously for a maximum period of up to 24 hours. However, it is in standard testing conditions, the distance between the headset and the transceiver is fixed, the volume is also limited to a certain level. While the real test, Sennheiser RS 160 is in operation continuously for 20 hours.

Sennheiser RS160 review- good headphone for your entertainment
 Transceiver signal included
In terms of features, RS 160 lost points when compared with some rivals such as Sony MDR-price range NC500D by noise reduction and anti noise features . Although located in the upper range of Sennheiser but at a price 159 $, the omissions, this feature makes few buyers in mind.

With RS 160, Sennheiser want to offer users a wireless headset with excellent audio quality and impressive than a product are integrated so many features associated with the ad and excessive flattering.

Usually, one of the weaknesses of wireless headphones compared to traditional wired headset as audio performance possible. The removal of the wire to help users feel comfortable using the application, more dynamic, but the technology signals via radio waves or bluetooth also makes the sound quality transmission is reduced drastically. However Sennheiser chose Kleer wireless technology, capable of uncompressed audio transmission enables efficient wireless audio performance is not diminished compared with the original signal.

Unlike Bluetooth A2DP, Kleer full use of bandwidth saving 16-bit, 44kHz, uncompressed quality of the original CD. The combination of the two large drivers gave large differences in sound quality compared with other wireless products, the RS 160 bass not only depth but also much more accurate. Moreover, the sound also shows a sharp, crystal-clear even in the high frequency range. Therefore, the warp dance music or rock music intense is the most appropriate thing to RS 160 performances. The audience felt the detail and sound quality from luxury models to test this headset with music and rock of Metalica.

With price 159$ of RS 160 can be expensive, but with the ability to demonstrate sound and highly Kleer wireless technology, Sennheiser headsets are a form of wireless headset is very attractive and options worth today.

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