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Seras Victoria Cosplay Costume – Blue & Red Uniform

The Hellsing organization needs everyone it can get, so new recruits can outfit themselves with this women’s Seras Victoria cosplay costume.

She is a strong character, and it might take a strong individual to cosplay as her, but remember that strength can come even from those things that dwell only in the darkest depths of the human psyche.

After all, this must surely have been where Kouta Hirano found the original concept for the Hellsing series. It certainly was not given to him by any amount of positive thinking.

This is a far more complete costume than what most people sell for similar characters. Since it comes with the jacket, skirt and gloves, one can play the so-called police girl perfectly well.

Seras Victoria Cosplay Blue Uniform

Seras Victoria Cosplay Blue Uniform – Cosplay by Rinaca-cosplay

A draculina is a difficult thing to cosplay, after all, so it doesn’t hurt to have a little help. The storyline from the manga might differ a bit, but at least in the television show Seras Victoria is in the D-11 organization as well as the Hellsing Organization and the London Metropolitan Police.

This leaves some room for those that like to make their own props to still fashion their own weapons, but the costume can be considered truly complete even without anything else.

While the price might look high, it should be noted that it would probably cost much more to fully fashion one by oneself of such quality. Moreover, it would normally be over $145, and accurately reproducing Mignonette’s uniform would not exactly be easy.

In fact, it would probably be difficult even for those who are used to fighting those things that go bump in the night. These people probably need this blue uniform with white gloves more than any other.

The costume comes in adult sizes only, but there are plenty to choose from within that pigeonhole. Moreover, there are few people who would let young children experience the blood and gore of Hellsing anyways. Therefore, this really should not be that limiting for most fans.

The costume comes in women’s extra small, small, medium, large, extra large, 2X and 3X. This should provide a good assortment for all new recruits.

Seras Victoria Cosplay Red Uniform

Seras Victoria Cosplay Red Uniform

Seras Victoria Cosplay Blue Uniform – Cosplay by Rinaca-cosplay

This women’s Hellsing Seras Victoria Red costume provides a different uniform for the Draculina.

It includes the skirt, top and gloves but in a slightly different form than the usual design.

The uniform has been remade and features a different color scheme that is still just as alluring as any of the standard ones. Perhaps it is more so, considering that it is something a little more unique.

Naturally, it might be perfect for those who are trying to cosplay as a pair of Seras Victoria clone officers if the two individuals in question wanted to wear a different color. Otherwise, it could be great for those that have the first to have this color as well so that they always have a change of clothes.

After all, one cannot fight an underground war against the forces of evil without an alternate uniform. Even the London Metropolitan Police and the Hellsing Organization understands this fact, and surely Seras didn’t always dress the same.

The costume comes in adult women’s sizes extra small, small, medium, large, extra large, 2X and 3X. At the regular price of slightly over $145. It might look sparse, though, since it does not come with accessories.

However, there are a few that are easily attained. The Holster Set Wild West model would look great with the uniform, but for those that need serious, but totally inert, firepower, the Brown Parade Rifle is the ideal model.

It is 42 inches long and even comes with an actual moving bolt. Of course, having both of these accessories together with the uniform would make anyone look like a real officer of the D-11 group.

While Seras might not have any living relatives, this costume can certainly bring her to live, and using the Alucard duster design alongside of it might bring life to the entire series.

Naturally, though it is important to remember where that life comes from. The unholy immortal living dead are not something to be trifled with.

Learn more about this character here


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