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The fate of Stella Nox Fleuret in Final Fantasy Versus XIII and her Best Cosplay

Stella Nox Fleuret is the protagonist of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, the predecessor of Final Fantasy XV. She appeared in the first trailer of the game with a huge role. The original storyline of Final Fantasy XV follows the direction of William Shakespeare. When Stella and Noctis maybe a couple but for some reason, they are on the front lines and face each other. In the Final Fantasy XIII Versus 2 trailer, people meet at a noble dinner party, where we are told they are special possessed people who can see the light from Etro’s Gate and possess the same power. Summon swords from other dimensions.

Ever since its first appearance, Stella has received a lot of love from fans. Maybe it, she is the most popular female character in Final Fantasy XV even now. But for a while, we did not hear any news about her from Square Enix. While new information and trailer on Final Fantasy XV appeared more and more. Even in mid-2017, the development team moved completely out of a new character – Luna. He would have an appointment with Noctis or be able to understand her as the new heroine and play an important role in Noctis, then even their focus shifted around the character. So the question is where is Stella and if she survives in Final Fantasy XV?

As once shared the plot in Final Fantasy XV was originally intended to be a touching love story by Kazushige Nojima, but Nomura does not agree with this, he wants a tragic storyline and High friendship and comments that have been Tabata agree. From there we can also see that the storyline in the game has changed and is most easily seen as the opening scene of the game through the recent trailer.

At the Jump Festa 2015 event, Director shared that Noctis was the only one capable of using magic because he possessed special powers. So why does Stella change the plot, which she no longer has the ability to like Noctis or does she not appear in the game?

And finally, as the latest information from team leader Wan Hazmer at the upcoming 2014 Comic Fiesta in Malaysia, when asked if Stella was in Final Fantasy XV, he just smiled with a shake of his head. before responding that “No Comment”

It is possible to understand that Stella is no longer present in Final Fantasy XV or if she is now a different person with a new name and appearance. All of this is just a personal feeling, not 100% sure before the official confirmation from Square Enix, but what about you, you think?

Also look at Stella’s past design with Luna in the same angle, if you understand me.

Here Top Stella Nox Fleuret Cosplay 2018

Cosplay by narga-lifestream

Cosplay by fantalusy

Cosplay by crystalmoonlight1

Cosplay by sakumiyuku


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