Practical instructions to reach personal freedom, the book six years one of the top of The New York Times bestseller and sold more than 4 million copies worldwide of the Mexican author Don Miguel Ruiz.

Considered the experience of Don Miguel Ruiz on survival and happiness of man, the book led to the award and led the most basic freedom to reach the spirit as well as individuals with Kaifeng point very close to Buddhist ideology.

By Don Miguel Ruiz, social rationalism organized necessary to sustain life in the community, but with the law and the value (imposed) are at risk of degradation and taken advantage of, the social Left is “hell”, prevent people returning to the foot calculation, the true joy of his life.

Since then, Don Miguel Ruiz has made three agreements started:

No offense to your response: Please speak with the sincere. Just say what you intend to say. Do not use words to combat rumors blowing about yourself or others. Using the power of your words under the guidance of truth and love.

Not gather everything: Nothing others do is because you all. What others say and do is their plans, their dreams. When you are not affected by comments and actions of others, you will not become victims of useless suffering.

No assumption: Let the courage to ask questions and express what you really want. Information to others is as transparent as possible, avoid misleading, upset and exaggeration. Alone with this agreement, you can change her life completely.

With agreement on the three, the author aims to emphasize personal relationships with the community in which to higher domains of individual, owner comments, confidence and honesty that is essentially go back to the individuals up, with nature is a pre-conscious. Finally the last agreement : Always make with all abilities: to limit your ability not invariant. It will be very different when you’re healthy, these opposite you sick. In any circumstances, go to do their best, and you will avoid the ballast main character myself, my self-harm and regret.

The quoted its excellent / The comments specifically about the book

“The four agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz disclose the source of beliefs about the self-limitation has to rob our joy and suffering caused useless. Based on the understanding of ancient Toltec beliefs, four agreements for a rule is full of moral power could quickly transform our lives into a new experience of freedom, true happiness, and love “- Powell’s Book

“This is really a book of great intelligence, with free wine on the prospects of thousands of ancient sites throughout the book, the realization of spirit and that modern readers can contact and apply to everyday life on his own. I warmly encourage readers of all ages, religion and culture, please welcome to read it. This book can be used as book ‘save their own’, but its value does not stop there. It can also be viewed as a religious text study, but the value beyond that. True nature, it is the ‘book of Toltec Brainy’. Ruiz shared thanks to us “- Elizabeth Bissette

Other content

Don Miguel Ruiz was born in 1952 into a family in rural Mexico, the son a curandera (healer) and grandchildren a nagual (powwow). The family soon find that Miguel will inherit the legacy of family and long development esoteric Toltec knowledge. But modern life made him xao neglect it. He selected test Medical School and became a surgical doctor. He knew English and often lectured across the United States.

Adjacent one death has changed his life. One night early in 1970, he met a terrible traffic accident. When recalled, Don Miguel affirmed at which he is not in his body, because he saw the hand has pulled his two friends escape danger.

Dizziness after the event, he began to practice self-discover yourself. He spent all the time to learn the ancient wisdom of the ancestors there, with her mother seriously study the inheritance that while attending a prestigious law professors in the Mexico desert. The four agreements are books to share knowledge of the Toltec to help people achieve personal freedom through the agreement and trust with yourself and with others. Book first published in 1997, sold over four million copies worldwide and is ranked in the list of non-fiction book selling. After four agreements, he also wrote many other books, including most notably Beyond Fear (1997) and The Mastery of Love (2002).

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