The new TV model for your entertainment

LG LE7500
LG LE7500-The new TV model for your entertainment
Be in the high Infinia line of LG, but not LE7500 is equipped with features 3D like LX9500. Instead, the LE7500 LED Plus technology brings a new generation of LG, to help reach the screen size is slim but still excellent picture quality with a dynamic contrast reaching 5.000.000:1.Design style of the LE7500 series also influences from Infinia line – stylish design, screen design example is seamless, no borders, the system comes with touch-button adjustment.

Infinia model LED Plus is equipped with LG’s feature AV connections, DLNA wireless features multimedia playback from USB devices, including DivX same entertainment system thanks to Cast Online Net via Wi- Ready Fi.

Sharp LE820

Sharp LE820-The new TV model for your entertainment

No property 3D features but LE820 is the highest HDTV form of Sharp technology by bringing Quattron QuadPixel. By adding a yellow filter on the RGB color system common screen of LE820 were able to show the state billions of different colors, to help recreate the image fidelity, the most natural.

Sharp Aquos LE820 has three different models including 40, 46 and 52 inches. Here is a sample use advanced HDTV LCD X-Gen comes the latest generation system super bright LED rim UltraBrilliant help achieve 5.000.000:1 contrast, the 1080 Full HD resolution and scanning picture speed 120Hz .

Compared to LED Aquos models, such as LE700M, LED Quattron model form new style completely new design, LE820 thin screen, borderless style time format with rounded edges instead because the type of square, angular and thickness.

LG LX9500
LG LX9500 -The new TV model for your entertainment
Although the information published since the mid-June, but must be approached in August last, most advanced form of 3D HDTV LG officially “be found” in Vietnam. Infinia is a top model LX9500 LG when equipped with full LED display technology in the world’s first Slim, reaching up to the contrast 10.000.000:1 and TruMotion 400Hz speed scanning.In addition to 3D, LX9500 own a variety of other modern features such as IDTV, the ability to play multimedia data from USB, DLNA-compatible network, Wi-Fi technology to connect wireless AV signals and systems NetCast entertainment online.

Model LX9500 LX9500 47-inch model is the first series was sold with while both 42 and 55 inch models will be released later in the future.

Samsung C9000
Samsung C9000- The new TV model for your entertainment

Like the LG LX9500, 3D model of the Samsung C9000 top LED display and even a long introduction but also present new and widely sold in many shops in the country starting in August. Samsung C9000 samples in Vietnam have only a size 55 inch model.

HDTV product line is the top manufacturer of South Korea, the C9000 uses LED technology ultra-thin screen with a thickness of about 7.98 mm screen, using the 3D process integration enables the direct conversion 2D to 3D content, integrated DLNA wireless connections and Wi-Fi allows users to access Internet software and Samsung Apps.

A further feature is the Samsung C9000 is the entire signal system on the TV was turned back from the screen surface to the bottom end of the base strips.