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The notes when you buy 3D Tivi

TV size, using any display technology or specialty glass include … is the things buyer should attention.
The notes when you buy 3D Tivi

3D content and 3D TV can not so popular, the prices of expensive TV but also is the most advanced HDTV models now owns many modern features. Number of 3D TVs on the market is quite diverse, nearly 20 different product lines and from many TV manufacturers in the world. Therefore, in order to select the most appropriate product is not simple.

To help users to choose the right 3D TV that you wants,  the Electronics House invite Bob Cole and Joel Silver, the world’s leading experts in the field of audiovisual equipment. These two have tips on what buyers should consider when choosing this type of TV.

Not what any 3D TV is using the same technology, specialty glass. There TV uses polarized glasses, red-blue glasses or do not need glasses, but for now, specialty glass glasses use LCD moving shutter capable, battery operated are common.

It should be noted, that 3D glass will work best with same manufacturers procedure 3D TV. So, if you purchased Panasonic’s 3D TV, Samsung 3D glasses if the glass is cheap, users have just been selected by Panasonic to buy 3D glasses to produce the best possible use. However, in the future, the market will be multi-functional 3D glasses, TV is compatible with many different companies by Monster and  XpanD own production.

3D TV viewing angles are narrow.

For 3D, viewing angle is extremely important. “In some models, if the viewer moves away from the center of the screen, floating images will gradually disappear and can not be seen again. It happens regardless of what type of specialty glass, including both types of shutter animation, “experts Bob Cole said.

Mr. Silver added, “a limited viewing that should be considered in the LCD TV type. And not only consider the position, try tilting the head to see well again, or back away from the TV to see the effect also clear or not.  ” Please select a 3D TV widest viewing angle and viewing distance optimal fit your house.

The notes when you buy 3D Tivi
XpanD specialty glass is capable of operating with many different types of 3D TV
With 3D, the larger the screen image as possible. 

“50 inches is the minimum size so that viewers can feel full and clear 3D effect,” said Joel Silver. 3D view of the tendency many people are always closer to the screen because they always want to feel better 3D images, therefore, the big screen will help viewers feel more comfortable with the kind of small screen. For 3D support equipment, plasma TV and projector can show images larger but not too high price, lower than the LED or LCD TV.

However, selected 3D TV as  2D TV, consider the room size is sufficient to show the kind of arrangement is sized big screen or not to choose then.

If you choose LCD TV 3D technology, note to scanning parameters.

If the selected TV 3D with Plasma technology, users will not need the attention to scanning parameters by Plasma screens are always for high speed and redundant scanning for three-dimensional presentation content. However, the LCD is different, frequency scanning is one of the parameters makes 3D presentation takes place is sleek, not blurry or interference (phenomena 3D crosstalk ).

120Hz scanning speed is sufficient for standard LCD screens can show 3D images smoothly, by then, each left and right lenses will reach 60Hz scan rate. Currently on the market, LCD TV, LED 3D scanning speeds common at 120Hz and 240Hz, a more advanced model has owned the scan parameters 400 and 480Hz.

View 3D images will be dark rather than 2D

When you enjoy 3D, viewers will see images floating through the glass, rather than being dedicated at conventional 2D images. Shutter glasses animations made  the image brightness changes. Therefore, to be able to choose a suitable model TV to see your space, the room is too bright or too dark to see, the buyer should first set up the brightness in the 3D TVs that can review and comparison constant.

For some types of 3D TV at present, manufacturers are also integrating edit only images for 3D mode, when moving from 2D to 3D, the screen is adjusted to optimal the broadcast viewers feel most comfortable.

3D is a feature of HDTV

The two experts share with Electronics House, “one of the important things to remember when buying a 3D TV that the buyer has money to own a good HDTV models equipped with 3D features. For general TV Most are located in 3D TV product line of high-makers, are equipped with the best features, the most modern of any 2D TVs do. If you wanted to choose a form that can HDTV impressive performance, the high-end, 3D TV should be the first choice in the list. ”

Two HDMI ports are better than one.

Included with 3D TV, users should also Blu-ray support 3D show movies, 3 dimensional content. For the first 3D Blu-ray, the product supports multiple HDMI is always a priority. A service port for connection to the display and one to connect to the surround sound system.

If Blu-ray only has HDMI 1.4a standard, home entertainment systems will need to add a surround sound 3D support. However, if Blu-ray have both 1.4a and 1.3 standards, you can always take advantage of surround sound system now without upgrading to 3D.

Users can also set the audio presentation in the 3D system at their home while using the Coaxial or Optical ports but the course will be trouble than HDMI.



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