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The Power of Now- Best Book to Develop the Worth of Self

This book by Eckhart Tolle is a strange writing style, easy to readers to see the subtle varieties of Buddhist philosophy in the East. The simple solution, simple philosophy of mind now, readers have been receiving deep, put the work quickly became the leading book in the bestseller list of New York Times …

The Power of Now Book Review

Eckhart Tolle opening his book with a story: There is a begging old man sitting on the sidewalk for more than 30 years … One day, there is a stranger walking, an old man shows old hats and said: “Would you please give me a bit of loose change!”

The customer replied: “I have nothing for him, but what thing he was sitting on?”
Begging the old man answered: It is only the old coffin, I was dragging with it a long time. Others asked: “Have you ever let the eye see inside it ?”
The old man replied coldly: Oh, Open it to do. I know it has nothing inside it!
But visitors are still encouraged old man to open up. And when the old man opened it cannot believe his eyes inside the old boxes filled with gold “
Tolle through stories to tell readers that should not be turned inside look at the old boxes that look at a place that is also a closer look at yourself because anyone who actually produces despite the huge heritage not yet realizes the joy of self in leisure and bliss of the deep of now.
Eckhart Tolle and this book point out the basic mistakes in our perception are clear through each chapter. One of the mistakes that identify with the sufferings of the past or thoughts, fears, and warrior of yourself future. “The power of Now” is written in a concise and profound so much when I just read a sentence or a short, it was felt just right because indeed we need a space to contemplate the deep that the author has made. Using contemporary language to “The power of Now” of easy access to our readers. The book has a great capacity to help you transform suffering and bring you to liberation. For some time I did not read the book but want to hold hands while sitting on the subway to the office to do so can feel the energy metabolism of it.
“The power of Now” of will be very useful and practical if you are having difficulties in personal life or life husband and wife. This book will help you overcome these difficulties, rebuild relationships a better day. This book even has the ability to make your dreams, ambitions at that deep inside you now. Hope that valuable experience by Eckhart Tolle sharing will help readers find the mental strength and discover the jewel of capital available in each people. “

You can see more detail this book on Amazon: The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment


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