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Tohsaka Rin Cosplay 15 Simple Steps

Tohsaka Rin Cosplay 15 Simple Steps and Ideas

There are those who appear many times throughout the saga that makes up the Fate/stay night series. As an individual who comes from a background that was influential in both the Church and the Mage’s Association, Tohsaka Rin has an immense amount of power.

Put simply, she can manipulate anyone that she wishes to.

Few people would have the audacity to stand up against the Master of Archer. Fewer still would consider themselves potent enough to say that they are her equals.

If you truly believe that you have what it takes, then perhaps you will find what you are seeking in the following instructions.

Tohsaka Rin Cosplay 15 Simple Steps and Ideas
Tohsaka Rin anime

15 Easy Steps to Become The Most Beautiful Character in The Fate Series

1) Like many characters in the world of Fate/stay night, Tohsaka Rin wears a fairly demure costume. It shouldn’t be too hard to find some sort of a red turtleneck sweater as a top for her cosplay.

2) There are a few innovative techniques that fans have employed to make a regular sweater more like the one that she wears. One possible way would be to use felt strips and sew them into the fabric.

3) Some fans have actually used fabric paint to achieve the same look. This can lend a nice homemade touch to a Tohsaka Rin cosplay.

4) If the sweater doesn’t have any buttons at the cuffs, you can hand sew them. They don’t necessarily even have to be functional to look good.

5) A black pleated skirt should be enough to complete most of her look, and it’s fairly easy to acquire. Try places like a resale shop.

6) It also shouldn’t be too hard to find the pair of long black stockings that Rin apparently seems to favor with her outfit.

7) Once you have the stockings, they should match well with a pair of brown loafers. She seldom seems to swap out her preferred style of footwear. You might actually be able to find something rather fitting in your wardrobe already.

8) Her hair is worn in a pair of long loose pigtails. These are kept in place by black ribbons. In Japanese society, hair ribbons actually make important gifts.

9) You could possibly cosplay as her in different configurations as well. Her shoes and stockings could work in a uniform costume also. In fact, they might even work if you were trying to dress as a younger version of Rin.

10) When she was engaged in her studies, Rin wore a brown skirt that was a good deal longer than the one that she usually wears later in life. Getting one of these should help if you wanted to play as her at this point in her career.

11) Particularly adventurous cosplayers might want to try out the Kaleido Ruby look. It would be necessary to get a pair of cat ears on a headband if you wanted to make that sort of leap.

12) Likewise, Rin actually wears a black tail in that form. Similar appendages are available from some cosplay suppliers for those who wouldn’t mind giving that a try. Nevertheless, some cosplayers aren’t really ready to try out the nekomimi look.

13) It seems that when she is dressed for Kaleido Ruby action Rin finally swapped out her footwear. You would need to get red boots and stockings that match a pair of red sleeves.

Apparently, her sleeves in this costume aren’t really attached to her costume in the way that they would be on a regular shirt.

14) In this form, she also carries a wand with her. This could be made out of a wooden dowel rod by treating it with red paint and then attaching a certain type of bauble to the top.

Some people have additionally used a king from a chess set to make the charm that juts out of the bottom of her staff. Nevertheless, there are commercial options available and this would probably be one of the more difficult things to make at home.

15) Throughout all of Fate/stay night, Rin changes quite a bit. That means that you will probably want to stay connected with the entire series.

Top Tohsaka Rin Cosplay 2018

Tohsaka Rin Cosplay 15 Simple Steps and Ideas

Rin Tohsaka cosplay costume – Cosplay by 0kasane0

Cosplay by xxxeleanorxxx

Rin Tohsaka cosplay wings – Cosplay by dzikan

Cosplay by megancoffey

Rin Tohsaka  with Saber – Cosplay by kirikosan

Cosplay by miciaglo

Cosplay by megancoffey

Cosplay by calssara

There are plenty of character goods to collect, and each one will help you get closer to the excellent cosplay that you’ve wanted to plan this whole time.

Here’s additional information on this character


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