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Top 10 Free Applications for Tablet PC

On the App Store or Android Market has a very good application, but many people download it for free.Here are the top free applications for tablet PC ratings by Cnet magazine.

Top free applications for Android.

 Air Attack HD 

Top free applications for tablet PC
Air Attack HD is appreciated by 3D graphics effects and sounds magnificent. Game planes can shoot par with the Angry Birds of Rovio about entertainment.


Top free applications for tablet PC
DropBox is an indispensable tool for people who use many different devices. This application allows users to synchronize content such as video, images, text between many different devices such as smartphones, laptop, and tablet PC. Services based on cloud computing also allows users to share files with friends.


Top free applications for tablet PC
Pixlr-o-Matic is the image processing application with many diverse effects. Users can easily share the photos were edited through with just a touch or two times. Manufacturers say there are 25,000 different ways to edit a photo so that users can very creative with their imagination


Top free applications for tablet PC
In addition, to download RSS feeds from your favorite website and blog users, Taptu also likely include the information, content from Facebook, Twitter or other social networking sites. The interface of Taptu tidy and beautiful.


Top free applications for tablet PC

TweetDeck enables users to manage information on their social networks from Facebook, Twitter to LinkedIn.

Top free applications for the iPad.


Top free applications for tablet PC
With Evernote, users can write notes with a much more convenient tool to support stronger. This application supports image, audio, and text generally. All the above contents are entered into Evernote and synchronized automatically between different devices.


Top free applications for tablet PC

Flipboard download content from social networks as well as favorite websites and organize, present them in the style of a magazine. Manufacturer cooperated with many well-known publishers so that users can get free information from multiple sources such as Wired or The New Yorker.


Top free applications for tablet PC
Instagram photographic applications for devices running IOS. This application allows users to share their photos via social networks a convenient and fast one. In addition, users can immediately use some effects to your images with just a few clicks.

Tiny Towers is a nice game on the iPad

Top free applications for tablet PC
Tiny Towers is a game or on the iPAQ and can compete with rivals such as Farmville. In addition to managing the building construction schedule, users will also have to spend time caring for the “citizens” of their lives in it.

Words With Friends

Top free applications for tablet PC
Words With Friends is the biggest advantage is that it can play games with your friends. These applications support many different platforms so iPad owners can fully be connected gaming machines and other Android.


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