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Top handheld gaming device in 2010

In 2010 marks a series of modern technology. The handheld gaming device is a typical example of new technology for continuous development.

iPod Touch 4

Top handheld gaming device in 2010
Topping the charts no one else more deserving “all-in-one machine” of Apple. Not merely touch the player, the latest generation iPod Touch is a handheld tablet compact 3.5 inches, FaceTime online phone, entertainment devices to the movies and music is the machine Handheld game with the App Store with more than 300,000 applications.

In terms of games, iPod Touch 4 can not “have” with Sony PlayStation or Microsoft Xbox 360 game, but in terms of quantity and efficiency of use, iPod Touch 4 deserve in this throne.

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Top handheld gaming device in 2010
Comes to handheld gaming machines can not mention Nintendo’s popular console. Latest Version Nintendo DS XL is really revolutionary for those interested in entertaining gamers on the go. 2 Use the touch screen to 4.2 inches wide, 93% larger than the version Nintendo DS Lite, DSi XL for a broader perspective, and users will feel comfortable control.

Also DSi XL also integrated Wireless connectivity, 16 people playing online at the same time and battery capable of running continuously for 4 to 5 hours at the highest brightness (or as long as 13 to 17 hours with lowest brightness).

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Nintendo DSi XL BronzeSony Playstation Move
Top handheld gaming device in 2010
On the mode of operation, PS Move much like Nintendo Wii , but the graphics platform and newer technology. Sony Playstation Move more interactive, players can use the motion of the body to realize the behavior in the game, the true feeling for players.

Currently, more than 30 gaming companies agreed to support their game compatible with the touch controls as interesting Ubisoft, Capcom, Activision … Obviously, with the handle motion sensor of this generation, Sony has made a revolution unprecedented in the history of their game machines.

Move a package PlayStation PlayStation Eye + (used to receive sensor, mounted on the PlayStation) + A game to accompany.

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Microsoft Kinect
Top handheld gaming device in 2010
Move similar Sony Playstation, Microsoft Kinect as a “Wii version” for the Xbox 360. Microsoft hype with supper features such as-motion moved by the whole body, speech recognition (though no standard pronunciation) and the combination of infrared cameras with RGB sensors can operate well in any environment.

In fact, although Microsoft Kinect still have a considerable number of errors as the lag phenomenon, lack of games or light sensor is not really effective, but this is still an impressive product in 2010.

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Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures!Parrot AR Drone
Top handheld gaming device in 2010
Not a gaming device as above, as a Parrot AR drone machine is controlled remotely by the iPhone. Parrot AR drone reason to have a Top 5 products in that handheld gaming, it is like the iPod operating system and application specific games such as Sony Playstation.

Above all, through two cameras mounted on the fuselage, the player can control Parrot flying reconnaissance drone AR neighborhood garden or participating in combat simulation game virtual reality connected with friends by Wi -Fi. If knowledge of Linux, you can write software for it.

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