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Top Mello Death Note Cosplay Guide for You

He strives to stand at the top of the world; regardless of whatever that might cost him. Instead of a strong sense of justice, Mello tracks down Kira for competition’s sake. He is driven only by his own wish to thoroughly defeat Near.

To possess the level of power that Mello does is impossible for a mere fan.

However, these tips may be of use to those of you who believe you are up to such a challenge of the Mello Cosplay

Top 15 Simple Tips for Mello Cosplay

  1. Develop a taste for chocolate. So great was Mello’s love for this treat that it was actually a part of his downfall.
  2. Wear black clothing, and especially use leathery items. Throughout his entire appearance in Death Note, he wore only variations on this theme.
  3. If trying to cosplay as Mello, then blonde hair would be very helpful. His hair was styled in a tousled manner around his head, regardless of the circumstances.
  4. While working with clothing, use garments with superfluous zippers. This was yet another one of his hallmarks of the style.
  5. As with L and many other individuals in Death Note, Mello hides behind an alias. Referring to oneself with a pseudonym will increase the element of secrecy that he so meticulously shrove for.
  6. Never stop trying to better yourself. It is quite apparent that he has an inferiority complex when dealing with Near, and he never stops improving himself.
  7. Read the Death Note manga, as it is here that the exploits of the Shinigami’s notebook began.
  8. Base your actions according to emotions, when such a course of action is advisable. Mello’s mind is quite driven by emotional impulses.
  9. As well as having emotional actions, understand the responses of others. In a world where most players were cold and calculating, he understood the human aspects of the conflict.
  10. Watch the Death Note DVDs. By further absorbing the strange and unique tale of the world’s greatest murder weapon, you can become closer to his standard of intellect.
  11. Work hard to achieve your goals. Unlike Near or Light, Mello’s actions are intended to accomplish goals through hands-on methods.
  12. Have tactics in mind to deal with any situation. His reaction time was legendary and he devoted little thought to realize how to respond to a situation.
  13. Have a deep sense of loyalty towards those that you work with. Even though he may have had many evil tendencies, he was distraught at the loss of his consort Matt.
  14. Surround yourself with as many pieces of Death Note memorabilia as possible. They aid in building up the dark, gothic feel needed for someone trying to emulate a character from this unique series.
  15. Develop a sense of cunning. Mello was never one to give up thinking and planning ahead as he hatched his nefarious schemes. Ready to get started? Click here to begin the transformation!

Top Mello Cosplay All times

Top Mello Death Note Cosplay Guide for You

Cosplay by pollypwnz

Top Mello Death Note Cosplay Guide for You

Cosplay by Felix-BLACK

Top Mello Death Note Cosplay Guide for You

Cosplay by nougami-noodle

Cosplay by Prince Karakuri


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