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Top Sombra Cosplay in Overwatch 2018 and The Secret has not been Revealed

Top Sombra Cosplay in Overwatch 2018 and The Secret has not been Revealed

Sombra is a powerful attacking hero. With his invisibility skills, Sombra can sneak up behind enemy defense more secretly than Tracer and Genji, not to mention the Translocator that can help Sombra get up high on the spot to take advantage or to withdraw. out in dangerous situations. Sombra’s main task is to neutralize the enemy’s source of recuperation and dangerous defenses like Torbjorn or Bastion so that allies can enter. Also with the Machine Pistol, Sombra is quite dangerous with heroes with little blood or especially hero support.

Something about Sombra

After the Omnic crisis, Mexico was devastated and left behind an extremely difficult problem. Thousands of children are missing family, not shelter, including a very special girl with natural talent. By penetrating into Mexico’s small to large government systems, she immediately caught the eye of the Los Muertos gang and had a place in it. Throughout the attacks, she has more experience. But in a virtual world tour, she accidentally spotted an organization with big conspiracy. This organization has not only malicious intent but also an eye to this girl for a long time. Afraid of identity, she decided to clean up her own traces and hidden. Sometime later she appeared with a completely different identity that is Sombra, with the new identity – Sombra determined to follow the plot that I had previously found.

The overthrow of King Viper

Sombra (while working for Los Muertos) hacked into Lumerico’s website and accused the company’s CEO Guillermo Portero of “grabbing the rich” in Mexico for his own gain, and the government’s date Alas, the information posted on the hacked website also underscores that Guillermo Portero is seeking to take control of the country. The threat, posted on the website, will also shed light on the fact that, until now, the results remain unclear as Guillermo Portero has resigned or been kidnapped by the Los Muertos.

An attack at the Volskaya plant

Sombra later works for Talon and along with the Reapers, the Widowmaker breaks into the Volskaya factory, killing the CEO Volskaya. At first, everything went smoothly and the Widowmaker prepared to assassinate CEO Volskaya the alarm was triggered. Sombra pursues and eventually approaches Volskaya’s CEO. Sombra knows that the Vneskaya Industrial Company’s Omnic defense system actually uses Omnic technology, so Sombra takes the secret to ” money “and arrested CEO Volskaya to be friends with him. Then Sombra disappears.¬†Now we found her ūüėÄ

Top Sombra Cosplay in Overwatch 2018

Top Sombra Cosplay in Overwatch 2018 and The Secret has not been Revealed

Sombra Cosplay wig РCosplay by dzikan

Sombra Cosplay

Sombra Cosplay gun РCosplay by Hane Cosplay

Sombra Cosplay blue

Cosplay by enotart

Cosplay by Soni

Sombra Cosplay suit РCosplay by Soni

Sombra Cosplay Outfit

Cosplay by Sonikumicosplay

Sombra Cosplay Jacket

Cosplay by sutibu-sama

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