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Toshiba Portégé R830 Reviews : Worthy Laptop For Entrepreneur

Portégé R830 is the performance and battery life is very good but the weakness of radiator from the R700 has not improved much.
After the arrival of the R700 is rated quite high last year, Toshiba continues to bring in business models is one of the development objectives of its most important this year with the R830. An upgraded version of the Portégé retains the advantages such as lightweight, shell be sure, bold business styling . Not only that, the R830 also owns the configuration upgrade to an Intel Core i5 second generation (Core i7) and  some other improvements in features.
Toshiba Portégé R830 Reviews: worthy laptop for entrepreneur

Toshiba Portégé R830 equipped with 13.3 inch screen, Intel Core i5-2520M-speed 2.5 GHz, 4GB RAM (upgradeable up to 8GB), 500GB hard drive speed of 7200 revolutions / minute , Bluetooth 3.0, USB 3.0. This is the model being tested, evaluated in the article.


R830 is not much different R700 in design in overall general. Machine still owns the crust with aluminum, magnesium alloy is very uncertain. Bearing capacity impact when dropped from a height of 70 cm and take more energy to the equivalent of 100 kg on the top of the machine. R830 has a thickness of only about 1.9 cm and weighing from 1.4 kg. These parameters are not significantly different from the R700, but not too special and outstanding as last year due to ultrabook ultraportable line is attracting much attention from consumers.

R830 is the curved beveled edge lines smoother than its predecessor, including the lid also tend to bend down a bit near the front edge. In addition, the hinge design, slot radiators remain.
Toshiba Portégé R830 Reviews: worthy laptop for entrepreneur

As for business models, equipped Portégé R830 is almost fully connected to the heat most of USB 2.0, the latest USB 3.0, VGA to HDMI and eSATA. Although very thin and lightweight design with 13.1 inch screen but still owns R830 optical drive, the advantage was Toshiba maintained from the  R700.

Arrangement of the ports of the machine was refined this year than last year when the VGA port is designed how far the slot radiator to avoid the harmful effects of the heat out. Also, the distance between the VGA port and the port is also wider to the rest room for the VGA cord from the projector or large screen.

R830 also has a slot in the bottom dock. This device will add more to the increased battery life and graphics for the Portégé R380.

Keyboard, touchpad.
Toshiba Portégé R830 Reviews: worthy laptop for entrepreneur

R830 continue equipped chiclet style keyboard as R700. Key size is quite small at first glance but with distance and size according to standard. Journey of keyboard a bit short, but in return the good bounce and smooth feeling very comfortable for the user. The navigation keys are also easy to get used to surf the web or even see the text a bit smaller than the remaining keys.A pity the R380 is not backlit keyboard, a defect is quite unfortunate and surprising for a model for entrepreneurs.Touchpad of the year may retain the advantages of sensitivity and response to avoid slippery as R700. Furthermore, to overcome the weaknesses of the button, the R830 has two mouse buttons are lighter and shorter than the keyboard feels comfortable to use than its predecessor.

Toshiba and integrate this touchpad fingerprint reader slot and system of the signal light on the connection, battery, charger

Toshiba Portege R830 using the anti-glare screen with LED backlight technology resolution 1366 x 768 pixels. Machine can display well when used outdoors or at the rear lights. However, your perspective is really good, only about 60 degrees from the perpendicular to the screen from side to side. Angle from the top down or bottom up even less.

Machine display color is quite good but the resolution just as the ordinary laptop that R830 not shown true class.


Toshiba Portégé R830 equipped with 13.3 inch screen, Intel Core i5-2520M-speed 2.5 GHz, 4GB RAM (upgradeable up to 8GB), Intel HD graphics chip integrated with microprocessor Core i5 rly second generation, 500GB hard drive speed of 7200 revolutions / minute.

Toshiba Portégé R830 Reviews: worthy laptop for entrepreneur
Scoring in Windows Experience Index.
With hardware like this, this model achieved 4.7 points (get low score by clicking the graphic capabilities) when put in the system Windows Experience Index in Windows 7 Professional (64bit) installed. On a scale of detail, to reach 7.1 point processor, RAM memory is 5.9 points while the graphics capability is 4.7 points and graphics for the game to reach 6.1 points.
Toshiba Portégé R830 Reviews: worthy laptop for entrepreneur
Ratings by PC Mark Vantage.
Continue using PCMark Vantage program to assess the overall strength, Portégé reach 6,957 points, the better score compared to an average of almost 6000 points in universal laptop also uses Intel Core i5 the second generation.
Toshiba Portégé R830 Reviews: worthy laptop for entrepreneur
Grading in 3D Mark 06.
Do not use discrete graphics, but the R830 still reach 3,495 points when evaluated by the program 3D Mark 06. This figure is even comparable with the popular models equipped with second generation Intel Core i3 and discrete graphics from Nvidia, such as Acer 4750G. This score is higher than the average over 3000 points in the laptop chips Core i5 and no other discrete graphics card.
Toshiba Portégé R830 Reviews: worthy laptop for entrepreneur
Ratings processor.
Continue to use the program to evaluate Cinebech 5.11 processor and try OpenGL. Results of the processor and graphics reached 2.71 points on average to 8.29 frames per second.Drive the R830 uses a rate of 500GB 7,200 rpm / min produced by Hitachi. In fact, the average read speed of data on the drive was 85.8 MB / sec, the equivalent figure is about 80 MB / sec at the same speed and hard drive capacity.Radiator.

It is very unfortunate that heat dissipation capability of R830 has not improved much compared to the predecessor R700. Still using a bottom intake fan to increase the ability to regulate cooling airflow within the machine, but this model is still quite hot when in use. According to the figures above, to idle about half an hour with 100% CPU mode (full-load) the machine heats up pretty fast. CPU temperature rose from an average 47 degrees C when booting up to more than 80 degrees C. The temperature inside the machine also increased accordingly.

Temperature difference between the two halves of the machine is quite big, fast heat up the left side while the right is very cool because almost no elements radiate more heat treatment here.

However, if used moderately with the application of web surfing and office with temperatures around 24 degrees C, this model is still fine, but hardly offensive.

Toshiba Portégé R830 Reviews: worthy laptop for entrepreneur


Do use high-capacity battery Portégé R830 takes longer to fully charge. Machine takes about 4 hours to fully charge if not used and just over 4.5 hours if you used the last charge.Tested: Firefox web pages load 10 and for automatically refreshes every 15 minutes, to open an online music site and play back continuously, using a headset instead of speakers and the volume level to 70% of 50% for your morning run until itself off (even at 5%), the time it reached 5 hours 23 minutes.

While testing the machine running a 720p and play back continuously until the machine off, turn off Wi-Fi connection, using a headset instead of speakers and the volume level to 70% (negative bar of Windows Media Player program to 100%), brightness 50% for treadmill until itself off (even at 5% battery), the time it reached 5 hours 9 minutes.

These figures show that the battery life of the Portégé R830 is very good. With the results of this test procedure, the user can safely use the normal range 6 continuous hours without recharging or a day’s work (more than 8 hours) with the Eco mode.


Like the R700, R830 system is not good quality speakers, the drawback often seen on the series for entrepreneurs. The system for small volume, enough to hear in the room below 20 m2 but not good quality natural sound with much less treble on the bass. When large open end sized sound even slightly cracked

You can find this laptop in Amazon: Portege R830-S8310 Laptop Intel Core i3-2310M 2.10GHz 802.11a/g/n Wireless 13.3″ WXGA 4GB DDR3 SDRAM 500GB


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