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Widowmaker Cosplay - Perfect Killer in Overwatch

Best Widowmaker Cosplay 2018 – Perfect Killer in Overwatch

Widowmaker’s real name was Amélie, wife of Gérard Lacroix, a key agent of the Overwatch commanding campaigns against the terrorist organization Talon. This terrorist organization has repeatedly sent assassins to assassinate Gérard but failed. It was from these failures, that terrorist organization Talon decided to switch to Gérard’s wife, Amélie (Widowmaker). They decide to kidnap her and turn her into a victim of the brain-building program they created. After a while, Amélie completely lost her will and personality and became an underground agent for the terrorist organization Talon.

Later, Talon deliberately let the agents of Overwatch find Amélie. At that time, the agents of Overwatch did not detect any unusual points and bring her back to normal life alongside her husband Gérard Lacroix. But just two weeks later, she killed her husband while he was sleeping and returned to Talon. Here, Talon completes the process of turning her into a living weapon for them with training in secret facilities to help her perfect her killer skills. Then not only was the sense that the physiology in her body was altered, her heart rate slowed, causing her skin color to become pale and lose the ability to express emotions as a child. people. However, her skills become more perfect and become the best killer of Talon

Later, the Widowmaker was commissioned to assassinate Tekhartha Mondatta during a speech at King’s Row. Despite being strictly protected by Tracer’s security and help staff, Tekhartha Mondatta is not immune to the Widowmaker’s guns. And it was the death of this character that caused the second Omnic riots.

However, somewhere deep inside of her, there is still a sweet woman silhouette before being brainwashed by Talon. This is blatantly ingrained in the game as if the Mercy revived Widowmaker will call her husband or lament that the fact that she is still alive.

Top Widowmaker Cosplay 2018

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Cosplay by voldiesama

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Cosplay by niamash

Cosplay by w0lfierose



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