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Yuki Cross Cosplay: Top 15 Ideas for You

Perhaps in some ways, she embodies pathos, but many fans chomp at the bit for the chance to become more like Yuki Cross.

The leading role in the dark saga of Vampire Knight, she is torn between two worlds and constantly must fight to maintain her membership in both. She leads a dual life in many other ways as well, for she considers herself weak and yet desires strength.

Therefore, her character is one of conflict and a difficult pretense.

To take on the cloak of the night takes an incredible degree of will and understanding. You will have to truly be in touch with your inner self on many levels. It is a difficult journey, but so is the one that Yuki was forced to walk. It certainly has its rewards.

15 Tips to Learn the Yuki Cross Cosplay

1) Be able to juggle different things in your life as best as you’re able. Yuki Cross is required to be both a student and a guardian and has to work hard to make any achievement in either pursuit.

2) Recognize where you need to improve yourself; Yuki has said that her feeling of weakness is something she doesn’t like about herself.

3) Never stop looking for the truth; Yuki continues to search for Kaname’s true nature until she finally figures it out.

4) As for cosplaying as Yuki, she tends to be shown in her usual black school uniform. The shade of the uniform indicates whether or not a character attends the Day Class, in Vampire Knight.

5) A regular black skirt can be used for the uniform, though you may wish to add some white trim to several areas to make it that much more like Yuki’s.

6) The top piece may be a bit more difficult. There are professional cosplay uniforms available, but if you have sewing skills you may be able to make your own. Once again, it may also be possible to take a stock black jacket and add white trim to bring it more into line with Yuki’s.

7) Likewise, make sure the cuffs of the sleeves are pulled back and also receive a measure of this white trim. It may be best to consult an image while working.

8) Underneath her skirt, Yuki wears long black stockings. Nylon stockings are a readily available commodity, and they therefore shouldn’t be too hard to attain.

9) The red necktie is an important part of the uniform and seems to be done in a particular way. It’s worn as a bow with two strands falling outwards away from the neck.

10) Yuki’s hair is brown and seems to be slightly tousled. While there are certainly wigs available, it’s fortunate that her style is relatively easily styled on some types of natural hair.

11) Yuki’s scythe is an integral part of her ensemble, but it’s not the easiest to replicate. Of course, many types of basic plastic scythes are available as costume items, but the blade might be too small to be an effective representation. Some fans have suggested making a blade from foam if you have the ability to safely shape it.

12) Yuki Cross will often wear a piece in her hair. A fake flower or a piece of ribbon, properly set, would add quite a bit to a Yuki cosplay.

13) To pose as Yuki, you may want to work with a wide range of emotions. Emotions, and sometimes a stoic lack thereof, are an important aspect of her multifaceted character.

14) As a student, Yuki Cross is kind and cheerful. She is a soothing individual in this role. Though she does seem rather daft at times, it may be best to play up her positive aspects to maintain a level of accuracy.

15) Make sure to build up your collection of Vampire Knight merchandise. The original manga and anime, as well as numerous anime character goods and figures, will give you great ideas to extend your personality as this complex character.

New Yuki Cross Cosplay 2018

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Cosplay by Sovietmentality



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